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Long, long time ago (I can still remember when)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

So it's been a long while since I've been on here regularly and I didn't think it made sense to write something when I wasn't committed to being around. Truly it feels like the moment out of Forrest Gump where all of a sudden he just stops running across the country (and says so). That's the abruptness of it all, but unlike Forrest, there were a number of things I can point to that caused me to just "stop" the push.

As the blog before this hearkens to, it would appear one of the first things that happened was the gall bladder. However, even before this it is important to note that I had hit my goal and was down 100 pounds. Plus I was at a point in life where I was overwhelmed with just too much going on. I had a job that looked to be unstable and on top of that I was unsure what I wanted to do if I suddenly became unemployed. I had family issues (I wasn't getting to spend much time with them), I was over-volunteering, and I was spread so thin I wasn't doing a good job with any of the things I was doing... except losing weight. Actually by the time I had the gall bladder surgery in December, I had overachieved because I was down 111 pounds.

But during this time I'm really not moving for a month and a half. It was actually worse BEFORE the surgery as there was a lot more pain and danger and it really hurt to jostle my gut (which happens a fair amount with running). After the surgery, although I'm incredibly tired, I'm moving just to get back on the road to "recovery". However, emotionally I'm in somewhat a bad spot as if I thought I was behind before, suddenly I've got to deal with the fact that well I haven't been dealing with anything for a month and a half.

But it's Christmas time and look there's New Years, so lets get through the holidays and we'll start again in the next year. And I seem to have some success here. Because of everything else going on, I'm not getting as many workouts as I have in the past (but I'm also trying to figure out how to do maintenance having effectively taken 2 months off, and still down 110 pounds). There are a couple of danger signs yet in the first half of January, however I'm trying to work through some things (and really trying to give up some items that I shouldn't have taken on). And just as it seems as though I'm making some progress, my world (and my family's) gets rocked again.

My wife (without warning and without cause and that's a story for a different day) got fired from here position at our church. Completely caught us off guard and even from talking to them afterwards (as civilly as we could), the fact that they handled the situation poorly isn't even in dispute. Given that this is where I was volunteering, this is where a bunch of friends were for me, as well as this is where my kid's friends were, life changed in a major way. And suddenly our two income family was down to one... and my job was still imminently in danger.

The next month or so was spent figuring out what the heck just happened. The next several months (and really we are still there) were spent figuring out... "Now what?".

Luckily a month after my wife lost her job, I found out that my job (for a while) is safe as I was transferring teams, however I still have questions on whether this is what I want long term (I've been feeling a bit better about this recently).

Fitness? Well again I haven't done anything completely drastic, but it has/had been impossible to get focussed again. I did do my first Triathlon (it was a short one) about a month ago. I actually achieved another one of my goals because I beat one of my kids by about 5 minutes. That's not to say I'm not proud of him, because this son is a 7th grader who does a 5:20 mile. The little sucker can move and he's got endurance like no one's business. Lucky for me I had a significant lead coming out of the swimming and biking because otherwise I knew I was dead.

However, besides that I have been less than consistent in getting workouts in. I've typically gotten 2 workouts in, but not 3. I haven't completely derailed with my eating, but I also haven't been as careful as I was. In the end I'm back to what my target weight was which isn't terrible, but I'm not really interested in going much higher and so I need to get refocused on my health.

As part of that refocusing I actually am hoping to lose another 15-25 pounds. (I'm going for 15 first and I'll see how I feel and look.) I also hope to run at least 1 10K this year along with a bunch of 5Ks. The last week or so I've found that I've actually enjoyed running outside, but have the fear that I'll get too caught up in the pursuit and miss the fact that I started this to keep up with the kids a long, long time ago. And what's the point of being able to keep up with them... if I don't spend time with them.
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    Sorry about the unfortunate events. Good to see you back and focused.
    3719 days ago
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