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No more Yoovie's Blog?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

There is a woman on SP named Yoovie. She blogs a lot, and her blogs are very very popular. I've read several, and found her to be funny, insightful, entertaining, and kinda inspiring, just like many other readers. I didn't know her, wasn't SP friends with her, or anything else, just caught a few of her blogs on the main blog page.

Apparently, she posted some photo that some idiot found objectionable...? Well, that's the idiot's prerogative; she can damn well choose to be offended by anything she likes- er, doesn't like- whatever. But what makes her an idiot is that she couldn't keep her trap shut. She felt the need to comment negatively on the blog, to the point where Yoovie felt the need to close up her SP account and leave. The idiot reported her & her blog to SP, and has allegedly harassed and bullied Yoovie for the past 24+ hours.

I didn't know anything about any of this until reading this blog, here:

I would love to say that I am surprised to hear that some Sparker has has been targeted for harassment, but it doesn't. Unfortunately, I have learned that there are many immature, petty, closed-minded and open-mouthed people in the world. I have never understood the need these people feel to try to control, rule and overrule others's lives, barring their own low self-esteem and self-hatred. Bullies are everywhere, not restricted to the schoolyard. And hypocrites, to me, are one of the very WORST offenders of humanity.

There are tons and tons of people on SP that I do not agree with. Some are conservative, some are religious (and showing any religion is showing too much for my taste); some profess hatred of their own bodies to a level which I pity; some have never seen a fresh vegetable in their lives and they believe all food comes in a package. Many have children, shop at Wal-mart, eat fast food burgers, vote differently than I, or worse yet, don't vote at all; some like Celine Dion music. But you know what? That's okay. I don't have a thing in common with most people here, but I've been lucky enough to encounter nothing but nice, helpful, and supportive comments and people! I don't share much of myself outside of health on my blog. But if I do, I expect the few that read it to accept that, be pleasant, or move on. Just like I do when I read their blogs. I comment nicely or I don't and move on. Why should I be offended by someone with a different opinion than mine? What would I care about whether or not someone else was being honest about their food intake or not? Are we getting graded on a curve? NO. Are we in a competition? NO. Are we here to improve ourselves, learn a little and get help getting fit and healthier? I know I am!

Geez, people, get your own life!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You can still get your Yoovie fix at http://verblife.tumblr.com/. All is not lost.
    3339 days ago
    Harassing YOOVIE for her views is unacceptable.

    I just learned about this a few minutes ago, as I've been busy and my time online has been limited recently. I feel sad about it, and I agree with your viewpoint. We are all entitled to respect for our beliefs or non-beliefs.
    3340 days ago
    It's a shame when things like this happen. I've been involved in various boards for over 20 years.. and the issue pops up on every one of them.
    3340 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5128667
    Hmmmm...."worse yet - don't vote at all"? Well, I for one choose not to vote (did it once only to shut up a family member - that is NOT A GOOD REASON TO VOTE, believe you me) - and since that fiasco, I haven't found a single person that I could personally trust to represent me or my interest - and I'd just as soon NOT WASTE MY VOTE! If you call that "worse yet", well then, so be it......

    But all that being said, I completely agree with you wrt "Yoovie-gate"!
    3340 days ago
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