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Saturday's alright for blogging

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Last night, I went to my first Las Vegas 51s game. The 51s are the Triple-A affiliate of the the Toronto Blue Jays. I've lived in Las Vegas for 8 years now, and I've always wanted to go. I loved going to A's games back home, and I LOVE a ballpark. Ballpark beer, ballpark dog, ballpark camaraderie.

I made dinner before we went, but it was really crappy. My husband actually said, "I'll just have a hot dog at the game." After we got into the park and settled, the man left our seats, waited for a loooooooong time in line, and came back with: three hot dogs, basket of chicken strips, fries, and two beers. I had the two beers (light--you know, in case that incurs less judgement), one bite of a hot dog, 5 or 6 fries, and the nachos that I made him go back out for. Hey, if I'm gonna eat crap it should at least be something I REALLY want.

I was actually feeling pretty virtuous, because I can be delusional like that, and then my husband went out to use the restroom and came back with a shaved ice for each of us. I wasn't hungry...you know, because I demolished the nachos...but I got half of it down anyway. I can't just throw out $5. Yes, my husband spent a total of $20 on shaved ice...after we'd already let my kids have cotton candy as a treat. So, at 9:30pm we left the ballpark with two severely sugar-high kids who usually go to bed at 7:30. By the time we got home the 7 year old was crashing, crying, moaning, etc. The 51s really stunk up the place, my bank account is practically empty (drained by the ballpark food vendors), and overall IT WAS A WHOLE LOT OF FUN. :)

Yesterday, caramel latte and a pastry with friends, ballpark, and no exercise. No exercise? THAT'S probably why I was feeling anxious. I have gotten used to getting up each morning and doing SOMETHING. I was sort of wandering aimlessly yesterday. This morning, I woke up and immediately thought, "I need to climb back on the wagon today." Then I promptly went into my kitchen and ate peanuts for breakfast. Um, what's wrong with this picture? Am I having a mental breakdown?

One of my nutrition challenges this week was up to me. I was supposed to choose one thing that I need to work on and set challenge limits for myself (ex. For 5 days this week I will stay between 1500 and 2400mg of sodium each day). Obviously there were a lot of options to choose from--calories, fat, sodium, protein, etc. I thought and thought and thought and then thought some more. Then it hit me! WATER! I have real trouble with water. I decided I would drink between 6 & 8 glasses of water per day. I didn't come up with this stellar plan until Monday night, so Tuesday it was on. And it was a complete fail. Wednesday? Fail. Thursday? Fail. Damn you, water. Damn you for making me feel like a failing jackhole.

This morning, I did some squats. They're not even part of my challenge this week. I've just grown to like them. I like the way my legs have been shaping up, but someone around here would prefer if I had not started referring to my behind as "my awesome squat butt". Is using the phrase "my awesome squat butt" another sign of my potential mental illness?

Oh crap, I just remembered that I also had peanuts at the ballpark. Why, Peanuts?? Why do you call to me so???

I've decided all calories consumed in a ballpark should count as zero.

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    Oh, I'm laughing so hard that my husband is giving me a weird look! bwahahahahahahaaaa....
    We will make better choices together! We can do it!
    3686 days ago
    Squats totally outweigh peanuts.
    3687 days ago
    I agree.
    3687 days ago
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