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CrossFit... A Humbling Experience (w/photos)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I finally tried CrossFit yesterday and my daughter tried the kids' program. She loved it! I am a little unsure right now.

Our warmup was on the rowing machine. We had to take turns as there were 7 rowers and about 21 people. This was an unusually large class for them.

Next, they all worked on kettlebells. There actually weren't enough to go around so I watched. I have only used them once before and wasn't quite sure what to do anyway. At the end Matt, the instructor, worked with me teaching me some basic moves.

Then we were divided into 3 groups. Our group had 3 more experienced men and 3 fairly new women. Some of the exercises were new to the other 2 women, too, so we needed a lot of help!

The 3 groups went through 3 stations. Our first station was called Cyndee. Basically, we were doing sets of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats. Matt told me to do 3/5/10 instead. I told him I've been working out a lot, and he said I should play it safe and I could complain later if it was too easy. Well, we were supposed to do 5 sets during the alloted time, and I only finished 4! That's part of my humbling experience!

The pullups are pretty neat. We were working out in a garage at a strip center. The doors were open and we had bands, kind of like huge rubber bands, that you step into that help support you while pulling up. They are color coded for how much they help you. I tried the easiest...way too easy. The second band...still too easy. And the third...just right! Or, so I thought. I couldn't even do my 3rd set of 3!!! So, I'll be backing off.

Also, on the pushups, I was on my toes going to town. Matt told me I was only doing 'half' pushups. Huh? He said I had to have my chest hit the ground. Later, one of the guys explained that during CrossFit competitions, you actually have to lift your hands off the ground while you're down to PROVE you are all the way down. So, you are getting a FULL range of motion. Yikes!!! I have work to do!

And, the squats...another humbling experience. You see, my ankles barely move past 90 degrees. I think that is my problem. I can NOT squat very low. And, Matt wanted my legs parallel to the ground. Well, I just coulnd't do it! But, I'll keep trying.

Our second station involved kettlebells & rowing. (The photo above was one of the 'best' in the class. Wow!) I was able to use the kettlebells this time and think I did OK.

(Another photo from class. I like that they post photos daily! This was our class, but I'm not in any of the photos.)

Then, we were to do 2 minutes on the rowing machine. One of the ladies had, earlier, shown me the proper form. Matt kept telling me to pull harder. He wanted to keep my number in a certain range. I couldn't keep it there, but did my best! When you were done, you wrote the calories burned (to show how hard you worked), either in your book or on the board. You did 3 sets of kettlebells then rowing. My cals were 19, 20 & 20.

Our last set was doing 10 squats with a weighted bar (term?) and then burpees (which I HATE!!!) for 2 minutes. Since my squats are so pitiful, he had me just use a 10 pound kettlebell. The other 2 ladies in my group also used kettlebells, but they were using heavier weight. I squated on top of a medicine ball and tried to get down low. Not easy for me!!! We counted the burpees and wrote them down in our book or on the board. Mine were 15, 14, & 14.

So, I'm unsure about CrossFit. As I mentioned, my daughter loved it. There were only 4 kids in her class, and she knew one of the boys from church! And, I knew one of the ladies... a very good friend & it was wonderful she was there. Anyway, in the kids' class, my daughter did all kinds of cool things including jumping rope, hopping onto boxes, and playing games. Because of her, I'm guessing I'll be back! But, I thought I'd love it and just didn't fall in love with it... yet. Oh, and I'm not sore today! That's good news!

One last note (so I don't write 2 posts & I know this is already LONG!)...I also rode my bike, in the rain for the first time, about an hour after class. My neck & hip were hurting. I will not be riding again until I get refitted! And, I HATED the ride! The only fun part was it rained part of the time & I enjoyed my first wet ride. But, I hate getting out there & just riding alone! I need a group to train with, or I'll have to give this up.

Between the CrossFit class & bike ride, I burned 850 calories! And, I'm down another .5 pounds this morning. At my VERY LOWEST of 130.5!!! Just SO CLOSE to those 120's!

Take care & have a great day! I have a run planned for this evening...hoping the rain comes this morning & not tonight!

How badly do you want it?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have thought about giving cross fit a try sometime, too! My boot camp instructor is a cross fit guy. Some of our boot camp workouts were cross fit WODs. Tough, but good stuff!
    3728 days ago

    Kudos to taking on such a challenge!

    3730 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6139963
    Welcome to Crossfit! Please stick with it for at least a few more tries.

    I've been doing Crossfit for 2 years now and I am humbled weekly. It is something I have a love hate relationship with, but obviously keep coming back for more.

    I remember my first workouts and know I've had incredible gains over the past 2 years and there's still so much more room for growth. You will be the strongest you have ever been in your life and reach goals you thought you could never reach.

    I scale many of the workouts and just give it all I have. The crossfit community is very supportive and will cheer you on.

    I had to giggle a bit reading about your pushups and pullups. I had the exact same experience. Thought I was cranking those pushups out so great on my toes only to realize I wasn't getting anywhere near the ground. Actually have sometimes started going to my knees to try and get the full range of motion.

    Pullups started as jumping pullups on the box. I can now do a deadhang or 2 and can kip, but in WODs use a band.

    Congratulations on your weight loss. Keep at it!
    3730 days ago
    emoticon From everything I've seen and heard CrossFit is a monster. I'm proud of you for giving it a try. If nothing else it will be good time spent with your daughter.

    emoticon on the weight loss....850 calories is not too shabby Lady!
    3730 days ago
    I am just so impressed that you did CrossFit. I would be so very intimidated. You are one strong gal. You can do anything. I have a strange feeling you may like this CrossFit better and better when you see that you are improving. Great job!

    I am so glad your DD had so much fun too. What a great example you are!
    3730 days ago
    Sounds like a good challenge! With time I know your squats will improve :)
    3730 days ago
    What did you not like about it?
    Was it the coaching?
    Lack of attention?
    too much punishment?
    Too many people?

    3731 days ago
    Congrats on getting so close to your weight loss! I think the CrossFit sounds really kind of cool, but I'd be SO INTIMIDATED. I'd be afraid they'd give up on me and tell me to just go sit in a corner!

    I'm glad you told me about your sister-in-law with the Pace Gloves. I'm in love with mine, too, and will FOR SURE be wearing them in my next half marathon!
    3731 days ago
    Go back a couple more times before you decide. Sometimes a particular session doesn't click with you but the class itself might. How wonderful that you are getting fit with your kiddo. That's an incredible gift for the both of you.
    3731 days ago
    Wow girl! You are amazing! Way to go! Look out 120's!
    3731 days ago
    Awesome!! I have heard great things about Crossfit and both of my brothers do it. I want to try it but haven't had money for a gym (I used to work at one and get a free membership). I hope to try it soon! Congrats on being so close to the 120's!!
    3731 days ago
    Looks like a great challenge!! Glad daughter really enjoyed her experience and I would bet that the more you get used to the program the better you like it too :). Sounds like you did a great job for your first time :).
    3731 days ago
  • SJCSF00
    I've been doing CrossFit for a little over 3 months. It is always humbling, but it is also invigorating, inspiring, and empowering.

    Good luck! And Welcome to the CrossFit family!
    3732 days ago
  • TPELL21
    Great job. It's awesome that your daughter can participate too!
    CrossFit is definitely humbling at first. What looks easier on paper usually ends up being the hardest! Don't be discouraged by using lighter weights than other people, or having to scale the exercises. One of the great things about Crossfit is that it is infinitely scalable, and can be done by anybody. The important thing at this point is that you work on proper technique.

    Keep up the good work, hope you give it another try!

    Ah, I remember my first class when I had to do Cindy, probably one of the toughest things I have ever done... (It gets much better!)
    3732 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5197542
    I think I would have LOVED the CrossFit class! Keep up the awesome job!
    3732 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2035636
    I doubt I could do it - but great job trying it. Betcha you will try again.
    3732 days ago
    yeehaaaa..welcome to Crossfit!....at least you didn't earn a pukie!......It is challenging, and it does push your limits, and it is funny how the WOD "doesn't seem so bad" until you actually do it!
    3732 days ago
    Best wishes... you are way out of my league.
    3732 days ago
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