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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I have gotten remarkably lazy the past couple weeks. I look in the mirror and I am very happy with what I see so... I stopped working out. Since then I have gotten much less patient with the rugrats and feel less happy throughout the day in general. I know this is because I am not getting enough exercise. This means the kids aren't getting enough exercise either so they act out in violent, obnoxious ways. Constant fighting, teasing, yelling, crying, screaming, hitting... its extremely annoying! I have gone back to yelling all day long because I haven't been doing my morning meditation and waste my days on facebook instead of getting my hour of exercise, being full of energy, and tackling my day with a good attitude. Meh.

So, if I KNOW all this, why is it still so damned difficult to make myself get off this couch and exercise?! The rewards and benefits have been proven to me time and time again. I sit here thinking I am rewarding myself by taking a break before the horrible day ahead. I am making my days horrible. ME! I am not eating every meal. I am not exercising. I am not trying to be patient. I am not engaging my kids in fun activities. They are clamoring for my attention, which I am not willing to give because I am too busy being a couch slug and am utterly annoyed with my life. My happiness level is low. My energy level is low. My sex drive is low (which probably has a lot to do with the hubby being gone too haha). This is all my own doing. I feel exactly the same as I did 9 weeks ago... before I started the 100DTS challenge. Something needs to happen.

While I love the current appearance of my hot bod, I need to MAINTAIN IT! More importantly, I need to continue exercise and healthy living to improve my mood again. It makes such a huge difference for me... it's kinda ridiculous. So, once again I need to kick my own a$$ into gear and make myself exercise for ONE HOUR 5 times a week. Not broken up, not easy. I have to sweat. I need those endorphins. I am revamping my initial goals of DTS because I have reached those. It doesn't mean I should stop. Here is my new mantra I shall repeat to myself when my butt doesn't want to move. My reminders. Hopefully it will have magical a$$-peeling capabilities!

- Patience, Happiness, Energy, Drive, Self Esteem, NOW GO!!!
(PHEDS - I will remember it better)
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    Boy, I totally understand how you feel! I'm dealing with the same thing. I was so motivated a few weeks ago, and now suddenly I'm a big slug!!! We shall overcome. I'm actually taking a page from your play book and "unplugging" today. I hope it leads to some healthy family time!
    3686 days ago
    I blogged about this very same type of apathy - I decided I needed some external goals to motivate me....not just workout every day but workout FOR something.
    3687 days ago
  • ALLIECAT1881
    yeah if we can figure out WHY we'd have no more problems! hahaha... I tell you what, Saturdays Unplugged are seriously the best day ever, every week. We have such a wonderful time together as a family, very relaxing and calm and fantabulous... lots of playing and baking and cooking and reading. I am so glad we decided to do it!!
    3687 days ago
    What is it about human nature that we do these things to ourselves? I'm with you - loving what my body is looking like now, knowing I feel better when I break a sweat, get a good night's sleep, take a break now and then... and YET somehow crap like Facebook takes priority. Why? That is the million dollar question!
    3688 days ago
  • ALLIECAT1881
    LOL!!! ok I am totally changing it to P-Heds now! The mental image and the giggling are just too good to pass up!! Humor is a huge motivator for me. Thanks! :)
    3688 days ago
    Hehe :) I like that! I would say it like "Pee-Heads" and since I have the maturity level of an 8 year old boy, I'd giggle and snicker afterwards :P
    3688 days ago
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