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I think I found the thing that will change my life!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ok, Ok, so I haven't been blogging as much as I originally said that I was going to. I have still been doing Turbo Fire and I have been adding in some P90x strength training videos three days a week. I am happy with the results that I have received with doing these programs. I really noticed the increase in my endurance that turbo fire has given me a couple of days ago when I was jogging with a co-worker. (Keep in mind I usually despise running and stop completely winded after about 5 min) We were jogging along and she was ready to stop after about 5 min (much like I usually am) but I was NOT ready to stop. That 5 min. was not even getting me to breathe hard, I encouraged her to keep going and that it was all in her mind that she wanted to stop. I kept chanting the famous words of Chalene Johnson "You are not tired" LOL. Well I got her to go about a 1.25 miles (about 12 min) before we finally had to stop. Oh, might I also mentioned I challenged her to a sprint about the last 100 yards. I was SHOCKED at how much energy I still had and how fast I was sprinting. I am the non-runner, what was going on? When we got to the stopping point I was still ready for more. We ended up just walking another 1.25 miles due to the fact that she had a pretty bad cramp in her side but I was still over the moon that I could do so much more that I used to and still could have done more. Wow, all of that in a few short weeks. I can't wait to see how much better it gets from here.

But here is the most exciting thing to me.....

A couple of weeks after I got my turbo fire program I decided to become a beachbody coach because I am addicted to beachbody products and I was really interested in trying shakeology. I thought ok, this stuff is pretty pricey but if I sign up as a coach I can get 25% off. If this stuff does what it says it will do it is worth it to me.
See, I have a TON of stomach issues. I usually have pretty bad pain daily among other things that people reading this blog do not want to know about. Anyway, I have visited the GI doc over and over and over with really no relief to speak of. About 6 months ago I read about shakeology but at the time decided that it was too expensive so I just put that thought aside and continued on the way that I was going. A few months later one of my friends started Herbalife and became a distributor. They had some products that were supposed to help with digestion so I thought I would give them a try and I would be helping my friend out with her business. About $300 in products later I did notice a difference. I was not having quite the amount of pain that I once was. I was very pleased with this. Then I started thinking...... ummmmm, If I DO sign up I would be able to get my shakeology for around $90 a month. What I once thought was so expensive now seemed like a real bargain. I was not going to have to buy the protein shake stuff, multiple supplements, aloe gel, etc, etc. etc. that I had to buy with herbalife. It was all in ONE convenient yummy shake and it was going to actually SAVE me about $200.

I bit the bullet and did it... I got my shakeology a couple of days ago and WOW!! Day one I noticed a difference. I felt the energy right away and no stomach pain AT ALL (during a time that I would normally have a lot, if you know what I am referring to). Day two same thing, today, same thing. WOW. I am so excited about this product that I want to shout it from the roof tops. Finally something that makes me feel normal again. I haven't had this in about 7 years. While I am still not sure if these kind of results will keep up long term yet I am certain that I am off to a great start. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep y'all updated about this. Could this be my miracle cure????? LOL emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hey...i just ordered shakeology!!! I am glad to hear yet another great thing about it! I ordreed it fo rmyself but i think it would do wonders for my husband as well. He has stomach issues as well. I cant wait to get mine! It should be here in a few days! Good luck to you and i hope it continues to work for you!
    3452 days ago
    That's great! I hope it works for you!
    3455 days ago
  • LYANCEY_0810
    Great job on building endurance! I'm getting ready to start FIRE and I'm excited to have these kind of results, too! It's so fun when you notice new abilities in yourself, I was like you about running my whole life but a couple weeks ago when I tried again I was shocked at how much had changed and I wasn't winded like I used to be.

    I've been contemplating Shakeology for a couple months now and have not been able to get past the initial cost... I think I'm weakening now, I have been thinking about it so much in the past week... But its soooo much money! LOL
    3455 days ago
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