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G is for Goals, Gratitude

Friday, February 09, 2007

February 2--weigh in. Decided this year to do it once a month. One shot. Well, I'm fortunate that I'm the same as last month, and disappointed that it didn't go down. I snuck on once last week and it was down, so fluxuating, that's good. So keep on going........increase the physical activity, drink the water. I did well the first week, like four days of exercise and then got that cold. Stuff happens. Like I write and tell everyone else on sparks.....falling down is one thing.....getting up is what makes us winners. Smiles--my body is getting toner. I can tell that from my waist side to back is more defined. Still marvel that my body is chosing where it comes off. It will go out of the boobs soon, and when I'm thin, I'm thin in the boobs as well. Guess that can be fixed at Walmart with Maidenform. Past profile posting: Well, I'm curious as to why it's such a challenge to get myself to exercise and move. As a kid I was always active and ate healthy food from my parent's garden and now the term is organic, but then it was all that they knew and served to me and my siblings. I've been trying~~Being outside more, swimming more, walking more, exercising more, figuring out how to eat healthily at home when no one is around.

February 7~~well, I'm bored. It's snowing out and I'm homebound and don't feel like doing anything else. I went to pilates today and then and a warm veggie lunch at this lttle deli, the lady cooks there and I can buy warm veggies by the pound, so got a cup or two, mmmm...then later this afternoon the snow started coming down and i had healthy food here. I put a little olive oil in my pan and heated eggplant and mmmmmmmmmm....and a salad. Then I thought I was out of fruit, but lo and behold, there was an apple lurking in a sack behind my onions. What a treat. Did I tell you that egg plant has like 45 calories. People had their laundry in the machine, so I couldn't do laundry.

February 8--well, I drooped on the Exercise of the Day, so now there's a team for Sparks People Exercise of the Day. I'll post there when I'm having problems doing the exercise on my own. And I joined the Sparks People Money Savings Jar. I'll put money aside for my rewards.

G is for goals. First, I have made a long term goal that I can live with~~to lose 40 pounds by 08-08-08, that's a half a pound a week and I'll start by losing 10 pounds this year. Well, really, now, I'm beginning to realize that I have no control over what I weigh. I only control what I select to put into my mouth and how much time I'm willing to move......who am I trying to kid? I lost 12 pounds once on weight watchers and did it during one summer. I was with Overeater's Anonomous for 12 weeks. Seems that my schedule evolves around school. I left OA because I had a class on the evening that the meetings were held, and they were even willing to meet with me for a weigh in before hand. When I was in Weight Watchers I was in summer school and eating college food. Did it, felt like a rabbit, no sauces, skim milk, veggies from the veggie bar. Veggies from the entree bar, Usually one entree, fish and chicken most times, red meat when I couldn't stand it any longer. I also made sure that had lunch. People were kind then, but later told me about how hungry I made them when I was eating my sandwich before class began when my classes ran back to back. Well, with Sparks, been with since July......it's really helpful to discuss weight and life styles with people. And sometimes the anonimity helps when I complain a lot. Been drinking my water. Things are sort of coming together. I decided to use the Sparks Money Jar for my rewards. If I drink the right amount of water, I put the $1.00 in the jar. Sounds right!

Gratitude--2/15 Wishing my blog readers the best on their healthy style quest. I read a lot of your posts and it's helpful. Others on the message boards have helped me. Sometimes there are questions that I was afraid to ask and others are discussing it. I look at the tickers and here it's like seeing the inside of people. Most tell me things that are encouraging and some tell me bluntly where I'm going wrong. I'm grateful immediately for those who encourage and sometimes a bit later for those who are sharing with me things that I need to know. Good luck on your healthy style quest..

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