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I've been a bad blogger!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a crazy few days it's been. I really want to blog more often than this. It seems like lately I get a few minutes to either track my food or fitness...but that's it!

I'm really loving running. As someone who was a dancer/ team sport person for years, it's a different element for me. In a good way. I feel very zen after a run, and very strong. When I started, just shy of 5 weeks ago, I could barely run for a minute. Now my endurance and speed just keep building. I love it! I've been having a competition of sorts with my hubby - when we got our treadmill, we both started to use it. He was a runner - so he could run long distances and at a higher speed than me. Well yesterday friends....I beat him! His fastest run was an 11:30 mile ....and I ran an 11 minute mile yesterday! It's a small victory, but a good one!

The scale...well. The scale is and isn't my friend. The weight is coming off very slowly. I am sticking to my eating plan as much as possible. However (and I'm not making excuses) life does get in the way. I find my two biggest issues right now are 1) I have a teething 13 month old who wants to comfort nurse all the time (and yes, I know you aren't supposed to be on Sparkpeople while breastfeeding...but Babyfit isn't very "fitness" focused - I've been there) which makes me HUNGRY. I am fueling up on whole foods and good calories...but probably going over my calorie intake by at least 200-300 per day.

Second ....my husband. I love the guy to bits, but seriously, he has the metabolism of a teenager - so he can eat whatever he wants, whenever he wants. Out of sweet sweet kindness, he offers to make me dinner. Of course, when he makes dinner, it's GOOD for me....I don't have to cook, and typically we turn it into an at-home date (kids eat before us, they go to bed, and we enjoy a quiet meal together). Sooooooooooooo we eat late....and it's usually Indian or thai food. With it's rich, creamy curries....fatty (but delicious) Naan bread. Sigh. I'm hungry already.

But....even if it means the scale isn't showing me love - I wouldn't trade it for the world. I think in order for me to LIVE this new lifestyle of mine...I have to keep some things from my old life, or I'd slowly go insane. It's about balancing those delicious dinners with healthy meals and exercise.

Above all - I feel good in my body. No, it's not perfect....but running makes me feel good. I like the muscle definition I'm getting in my legs...and I can't believe I'm saying this...but my bum looks fantastic! It actually has shape! And - this is a biggie - I actually have left the house without wearing Spanx. Pre Spark...this would NOT have happened unless I was unconscious! But...my clothes fit better - my size 10's are even getting a lil loose. So....friendly scale or not, I'll take that!
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