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Eek...it's almost the end of Week 5!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

And I have all of my Cardio points in! Woot!

So, here we are almost through the first leg of the 100 DTS challenge. My weigh in day is Friday so I will start with that...

This week I lost 1.3 lbs, 5.1 since starting the Challenge, 25.7 since January 3 when I started Sparking. I am pretty happy with that. Not as fast as I would like to see but in reality i know a little at a time is the best way.

As for other measurements:
Waist 41.5 down 1.5 in
Hips 48 down 1.5
Rt Arm 13.5 down .75
L Arm 13.5 down .75
R Thigh 27.5 down 1.5
L Thigh 27.5 down 1.5
R calf 16.5 down .75
L calf 16.5 down .75
Abs 40 down 4 inches!! Whuck?
Neck 15 down .25

Ok...so I am not sure how accurate my measurements are but according to those numbers i lost a total of 15.75 total inches!!! That totally blows my mind! I can def see a difference in the way my clothes fit and that makes me :-)

A few things i have learned over the past few weeks...

I can screw up and get right back on and still lose weight.

A brownie squished between 2 peanut butter cookies is not a meal.

I can eat raw fruits and veggies for lunch and be ok with it.

I can eat out and stay on track.

Somethings I still need to work on:

The cookies will still be there tomorrow. Even if the ones in my house are gone, there is more at the store.

Exercise is necessary to lose weight. I used to totally dread getting up and working out. I am starting to enjoy it a teensy bit. Even running. My friend is a police officer and I told her there was no reason to run unless being chased by the cops. She said she would get her taser and chase me down the street :-) That's a real friend!!!

So, bring on the rest of the challenge!!!

Oh, I signed up to do the Susan G Komen Race For the Cure. Think i am going to try to run the 5k! Eek!!!!

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