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My BLC16 Goals

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So our Wisteria Wolves challenge this week/weekend is to post our goals for BLC16, with these guidelines:

1st goal must be food related.
2nd goal must be exercise related.
3rd goal must not be related to food or exercise.

emoticon1) I will track my food EVERY day!
*I've gotten out of the habit the past month or so, but as of yesterday I'm back on track with tracking, and I intend to keep it consistent.

emoticon2) I will exercise EVERY DAY for at least 10 minutes
*I let that drop off the radar with The Split - work has been so insane I just couldn't even think about it. But it really helped me feel better on those 12 hour days that I was doing SOME kind of exercise - I got in one set of wallies (wall pushups) already tonight, yay!

emoticon3) I will spend at least 5-10 minutes every day in daily Reiki self-practice
*I got the Level 1 Reiki attunment at Sirius Rising last summer, and intend to take the Level 2 class this year. Our instrutor recommended we take time every day to center ourselves with Reiki, and I really think that would do a lot to help my stress levels. Plus it's just good for you to keep your energy balanced anyway. All part of getting all around healthy, right?

Part TWO of the challenge:

Take a picture of yourself NOW :) Have it in the blog with these goals...so at the end of the twelve weeks we are go back and see if there are some changes :)

I JUST took these on my phone. :) Note - I'm not quite at the point I'm comfortable tucking my shirt in yet, but I'm getting there. I AM pretty happy at how loose the shirts are now though. You will also notice my GINORMOUS water bottle that I keep by my desk at work - it's my goal to down that whole thing by the time I have my break at 4am every night, and then I have a smaller one I finish off the rest of the morning. The more I drink at work, the less I get up to potty when I should be sleeping.

Alright...get ready...get set...GO!
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