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The Big First Birthday Blog!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Her smiles and laughter have filled my heart for 12 months now. She is my little best friend and we grow closer each day as we discover this world together. We were changed forever the day she came into our life. From the midnight feedings, to the hours of laughter rolling on the floor playing together as a family, I have cherished every second. There were hard times, there where amazing times, and I have loved them all.

Has it really been a year? It seems as it was just yesterday she was born. What a tremendous year of blessings this was for our family. We wanted Michaela's birthday to be very special and we could not have asked for more.

We had a weekend birthday celebration rather than just one day of fun! We went shopping to get her a few new things she would love to have some day. She would not be able to appreciate them now, but someday, they will mean the world to her. We took her to the zoo for the first time, which was so much fun, more for us as she was not quite as interested in the animals as she was all the people around. She was waving at everyone rather than looking at the monkey sitting in front of her. Next year I think will be different!

On her birthday morning we went up stairs with a little candle in a healthy apple bread I made for her and sang Happy Birthday! Micah surprised me with a very special gift. He is in the process of having a book made from Mac all about Michaela's first year. The entries he wrote would bring you to tears. It was the most precious gift I could have imagined. Seeing the heart of my husband in this way was something I will never forget. I too surprised him with a gift that morning. I gave him one of the swaddling blankets that he used to use when Michaela was a newborn along with a long hand written letter to him, thanking him for the best year of my life. Then I told him I wanted to get Michaela and him something very special. When I was a little girl, I grew up in a house full of music and I want Michaela to experience the same. My husband has been wanting a Spanish, Classical guitar for some time now and so on her birthday we went to buy one for him so that he can play for her! I also gave him a lovely globe for his study here at the house so that when he is away on business I can show Michaela where Daddy is and we can teach her about all the places we have been to and where we will be living someday.

For breakfast, we went to a local restaurant where they gave her a giant whole wheat raspberry pancake with a candle on top and everyone sang to her! She loved this. She was wearing a Happy Birthday sash and everyone was coming up to us to see the big birthday girl. Being the social butterfly that she is, she was loving each and every second....and so were we!!!

Later that day we went to Tiffany's to get Michaela her special present. Yes, there were toys at home but we wanted something special she could always have. We bought her a hand painted Limoges box which had a little bear holding a cake with one candle and it says happy birthday! I know she will love to have this for years to come!

We arrived back at the house and I started to make my healthy birthday cake! I really wanted to give her something special and good for her. It looks terrible but it came from my heart. I made her a semi-vegan carrot cake made with spelt and oatmeal. The only non-vegan ingredient were organic eggs. She loved every bite! It really was good I have to say!

As the hours passed and 4:45 drew near, I was overwhelmed with emotion. This was the exact time she was born. I held her in her nursery while Micah made a video of me singing to her and talking all about the day she was born. I am crying even now as I write this as I will never forget looking down into her beautiful eyes realizing that she is my baby girl and God has truly blessed us with this miracle.

After a few videos and many tears shed, we went downstairs to take photos and she watched Little house on the prairie and The Sound of Music while playing. The cake was finally complete and we sang Happy Birthday to her once again before eating our dinner, giving her a birthday bath and finally putting our sweet birthday girl to bed. It was by far the most perfect day I could have dreamed of.

This weekend we had another party for her but this time I was at my Moms up in Dallas with the family, I will try and get some pictures up soon from this too!

Here are some memories from her birthday celebration!!

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