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Weekly Challenge: Monday Day 1 UPDATE

Monday, April 11, 2011

My GOALS for this week:

1. Walk/Jog 3 times this week (jog 1/4 mi. w/o stopping)
2. Strength train 3 times this week.
3. Log EVERTHING that goes into my mouth.
4. Make a veggie juice or fruit smoothie 3 times this week!
5. Write a "TO DO" List every morning before walking out the door. Its time to get organization back into my life!



1. Today I jogged 1/4 mile NONSTOP! WooHooooo! I walked a total of 2miles.
I walked again Monday night for another 1.5miles.

2. Strength training: I worked on the arms today!

3. Logging meals = So far so good! I made a spinach and mushroom omlette. VERY TASTY!

4. No juicing today.

5. To Do List written! Yaaaay!
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