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Not to shabby!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

So those of you who are tunning in to this blog I applogize for not posting in for 2 days. Tuesday was a bust , sick child and a day spent at the Dr. and at the lab and picking up meds. Yesterday I didn't get a chance to finish my workout until after the kids went to bed. I really like Ea active! I.t is the best I think of the fitness game I have. MY only complaint is that it doesn't always pick up my movements. It moves faster through the exercise than the other games(loading I mean) and I feel that I gett a better workout than with the wii fit. Now I may not have explored wii fit to it fullest potential and maybe not the other games I have either but I am still pretty new to the whole wii fitness than.

Yesterday I burned 188 calorie in 20 minutes. Not too bad yesterday workout was not as intense as Mondays because I did not need to add another 20 minutes. All together 423 calories! Plus with the 3 challenges I am doing I am getting about an hours worth exercise every day. Not too shabby!
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