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More Mental than Physical.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Moment by Moment.....Think encouraging thoughts and focus on my goal!
Hour by Hour........Think encouraging thoughts and focus on my goal!
Day by Day....Think encouraging thoughts and focus on my goal!

Thats how I gotta look at this losing weight thing.

It takes planning and mental focus...to execute my plan to lose weight!

With all the decisions you have to make in a day, you must always be focused on your goal and how that decision will affect your achievement of that goal!
When you goto work, make sure you have your lunch and snacks packed.
Remember to take sips of water throughout the day. (sometimes I'm so busy, I forget)
When you are out and about make sure you take the stairs or get more steps in your daily activities (if possible).

This new way of thinking into my already "busy" brain can be a challenge and can be more difficult than losing weight.

Since this process is more mental for me than physical, I REALLY gotta work on the mental by using more encouraging self talk throughout the ENTIRE day.

I have to live and breathe encouraging thoughts and phrases. I even bought a book of motivational quotes to read. There are many encouraging quotes that I really like, so I write them on a post-it note and post it on my bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door and at the front door. I even put a few encouraging notes in my lunch bag ,so I can be reminded of my goals while I'm sitting with co-workers who are eating cheese steak subs and french fries for lunch!

Staying Focus is the key!
I'm not where I wanna be (as it relates to the scale), but you better believe I'm gonna get there!
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