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WOOHOO! Victory Is Mine! ...And My April Goals!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Good Day to All My Sparkly Friends:

I am so very excited because after months of not seeing any progress and in fact gaining weight little by little I have lost 5 lbs this week!

This is cause for celebration!

I am so very excited.

I was terrified that I was going to continue to creap up the scale to the 190's. I was at 184 and the thought just kept raging through my mind, "I'm only 16 lbs away from being 200 lbs." I would cry and think that I just canNOT go there. I am only 5'1" tall and I have a small bone frame.

(For those of you who are 200 lbs this is in NO way a derogatory remark towards you or your weight. Please remember that this is my own personal struggle and for me that is the limit that I am putting on myself to NEVER get to 200. I am also a VERY small person [when I weigh what I am supposed to weigh so 200 lbs on me would be very high in the obesity range and VERY unhealthy for me personally])

So, How did I do it? I used a meal plan to guide me to good choices and portions and I kept Moving! This is the key!

You can eat a lot of food every day. I did. I have eaten until I thought I would pop this week and was even aloud to have a snack that I skipped because I was full most nights. BUT those all you can eat meals are full of raw veggies. I have eaten my way through a garden this week I think.

I have had broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green peppers, red peppers and mushrooms and much more. Then there is the fruit. I have had peaches, strawberries, and one banana (bananas are actually a fruit you should steer clear of at first because it is a high sugar fruit; I did not know this but that is what the 17 day diet meal plan tells me) I have had apples and nuts (very few because they are fatty) and protein meats like Tolapia, Chicken Breast, cornish hens, and tuna.

I am so excited that this afternoon I am going to get on the pc and make out the meal plan for week two of the 17 Day Diet (I do not follow it strictly and you don't have to buy it to do this) Just find a diet meal plan [there are plenty free ones online] and print it out and use it to guide you. If you do NOT have in your refrigorator or pantry what is on the diet for that day then look at what it says like carrots, celery, and a can of tuna for lunch and you don't have that but you do have broccoli and carrots and a can of salmon then eat that in the portions that are recommended by the meal plan. Just use is as a guide.







If you have arthritis or bad knees or some physical ailment that prevents you from going to gym and working out...YOU HAVE STILL GOT TO MOVE!!!

sit at the edge of the couch if you have to and move your arms over your head and then stretch down to the floor and touch your toes or as far as you can go. Keep your hands up in the air and lean side to side.

WHATEVER you are able to do


Well, that is all for now peeps...

I love you all and I don't even know you all personally but I know that each and every one of you is a creation of God and you are all special in your own way.

God Bless,
and VICTORY can be yours too.
PS: I have noticed many people posting their April Goals. Mine would be:
1) Do my daily devotional readings from the Women of Faith Daily Devotional
2) Read from the Scriptures EVERY DAY!
3) Pray for my family, friends and this nation DAILY.
4) Continute to use the 17 Day Diet Meal Plan as a guide to healthy choices and portions.
5) To get in between 30 and 60 minutes of cardio in EVERY DAY but Sunday.
6) To do my strength training every other day of the week 3x a week as laid out by the YMCA trainer and myself.
7) Hope to lose 10 lbs this month starting today; not including the 5lbs from this past week.
8) To be a quite spirit when near my husband!
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