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this is How I feel My Month has Been,,,,

Saturday, April 02, 2011

So I just finished month 2 of my self challenge to loose 50 lbs by November 9. Can I say it is going well? Sometimes it is. And then there are the times I get sidetracked, or lazy. See something I want to eat, and eat it. Somehow I think alot of it is self-sabotage. I do believe it has been a lifetime of being where I am or heavier, and I'm not sure what to do in each new stage. I am having fun buying new clothes. Haven't done that in years. Oh I might get a top here or there, but haven't actually gone shopping in a long long time.

First off, I ride a stationary bike for cardio. I'm pretty limited on what I can do because of my back and hips. Weight bearing exercise that I have to do standing is quite painful. The bike hurts very little and my hips loosen up while I am on it. I was doing sprints on the bike after a while of riding it. After I was finished I would lie down on the floor on my stomach to stretch out my flexor tendons. They are so tight , that I can't stand up straight. Then I stretch my legs up and try to stretch them out more. Doesn't seem like I am accomplishing much. It sure hurts tho. I'm thinking of finding a physical therapist that can help me accomplish this. I have put off hip surgery for this reason and others. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get them stretched out , please let me know.

After riding the bike, I was so tired. I know ,I'm a whimp, but it just seemed weird that I would be that tired. I would lie down and sometimes sleep after. I read an article on Spark that said if you are tired after cardio, then you may be trying to do too much. So I have backed off a little. I actually took almost a whole week off.

I think part of the problem is my sleeping. I don't sleep many hours so that could be the problem. I like staying up late but like getting up early. Sometimes I think I meet myself in the middle of the floor.LOL So I'm sure that has some (the biggest) role in my fatigue and I'm taking the easy way out by cutting back on my exercise instead of getting more sleep. So that will have to change if I want this weight loss to happen.

The next problem is I live in a household where everyone eats at different times. I could cook a whole meal and be the only one eating it. My husband works nights and rarely eats before work. He leaves right at dinnertime. Then I have older kids who eat out more then they cook. And at such oddball times of the day and night. I could be doing really good for the day and then they order food. UGH! Of course it is up to me not to eat any of it and most of the time I don't. But there are those times when temptation just takes hold and the day is ruined.

I couldn't find a pizza in the tracker that seemed like the ones we get so I was using one and putting the amount in the tracker. Thought I was doing good and then decided so I would know better, that I would weigh what I hate and do it by grams. OH BOY! Was I being a guppie! The calories and all the rest that go with it were horrible when you do it that way. What an eyeopener. So I have modified that. Cut the serving way down.

This next month, I am going to work on all these things. I have a lot of changing to do even yet after all this time. I just passed my 3rd Spark anniversary and feel like I should have more of this down then I do. I know i have to change things or that goal( no matter if it is a little steep) will not be achievable. I wish everyone good luck in your journies and if you have any suggestions for stretching those flexor tendons, let me know. Thanks for reading my blog and helping me everyday to get to where I want to be.
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    I don't know about Flexor muscles.. but I do know about the eating habits of those around us influencing our decisions. It's true they can't stuff it down our throats, but they can put it on our eye plate.
    Did you check out the vitamin D as suggested? What about the personal trainer?
    This month's report?
    3655 days ago
    Deuce, Just reading this and was wondering if your Vitamin D was low. Check out this article on Vitamin D and weight loss...are they connected?
    Copy and past it in the address bar to check it out. http://www.diet-blog.com/11/the_lin
    I have to take 2,000 units of Vitamin D per day plus a 50,00- dose on Wednesdays to bring mine up into the low range of normal...due to other health issues. But it might be something you need to check out. Just a thought...
    Best of luck to you as you continue to fight to get to the healthiest you can be. Success is in your future!!!
    Love and hugs,
    3673 days ago
    well hard to keep up with you and i was just reading about it .
    3685 days ago
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    3685 days ago
  • MARLA7
    Deuce - Sounds to me like you're doing ALOT! Made me tired reading it! LOL
    I have no idea about stretching those flexor tendons (I don't even know what they are!) Maybe look it up online?
    I wish you the best of luck on your journey. You're getting serious about this and I'm sure you'll succeed.
    Love you my Friend, Marla
    3687 days ago
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