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Myths and Misconceptions

Monday, March 28, 2011

We've all run into some myths and misconceptions about how fat people act or are... and now I'm here to weigh in my opinion on the matter!

Also, thank you to everyone for the outpouring of love for my last vblog! I hope that I can continue to inspire and motivate all of you, and I love you all!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You really are awesome!!!! CONGRATS!!!
    1139 days ago
    You are amazing! So inspirational. Thank you for posting! I hope you post more soon!!!
    2800 days ago
    You can see Cinderella's castle?! I'm jealous! (So is my baby girl LOL) LOVE your vlog!!
    3035 days ago
    I absolutely LOVE your vlogs! You're not afraid to tell it how it is and I love it!!!!!! :)

    3077 days ago
    I absolutely LOVE your vlogs! You're not afraid to tell it how it is and I love it!!!!!! :)

    3077 days ago
    Another great vlog, thank you!
    emoticon emoticon
    3084 days ago
    I feel better now too. How as the chicken fajita? You are so right about the rising cost of healthy food. Yvonne
    3086 days ago
    You are hilarious!
    3092 days ago
    I love, love love this blog! You rock! It was fun, but full of good information too. Keep 'em coming!
    emoticon emoticon
    3093 days ago
    LOVE THIS :)
    3094 days ago
    LOVE this and you are a hoot....KEEP THEM COMING :)
    3095 days ago
  • CHLOE453
    Love, Love this blog!!! You do such a wonderful job with great information....thank you! emoticon
    3096 days ago
    Love the blog. Fantastic way of doing it!
    3098 days ago
    Great job breaking down some Myths and Misconceptions! One of my biggest issues right now is all the negative stereotypes about fat people that are being perpetuated on tv. It saddens me that so many people - even other fat people- believe these lies. We aren't all lazy! We can be beautiful! We can be happy!

    Good luck on your weight loss journey, and keep up with the video blogs. They're fantastic!
    3098 days ago
    I love your VLog.... I love the humor.... Good Job.... Wishing you continue success... emoticon
    3098 days ago
    How about when people act like you cant hear them making fun of you?great mentality girl,I like your attitude!
    3098 days ago
    I think you might have a line on something here. Thanks for the comic relief on a very serious subject.
    3098 days ago
    This was great. Thanks for another funny and insightful Vlog.
    3098 days ago
    This was such a fun take on a very serious and painful subject. Your sense of humor is a gift! I can't wait for the next vblog!
    3098 days ago
    Great vlog as always!! The most annoying myths for me are the one about how we just eat big macs etc - I've been a vegetarian my entire life! And yet I still manage to be fat, so clearly it's not just the big macs. And I also hate the idea that we can't attract men - I have a friend who obsesses over whether a guy will like her due to weight, yet keeps forgetting that many men have been attracted to her because she is beautiful!
    3098 days ago
    that was wonderful- emoticon
    3098 days ago
    Interesting blog... You've got ATTITUDE, girl! emoticon

    I would (dare) to quibble on one point though - weight loss REALLY IS as simple as calories in being less than calories burned. What's NOT simple is making that happen, because of the host of complex reasons for which people eat (on the cutting back calorie side of the equation), and the difficulties in adding exercise or boosting metabolism (on the burning more calories side of the equation). That is where the problem lies, and that -I most whole-heartedly agree - is no simple thing!

    3098 days ago
  • 3JS_MOM
    You go girl! I love your blog. You are an inspiration to us all :)
    3098 days ago
    Just found your site on the "inspirational blogs" page and will be recommending it to my sparkfriends. I look forward to following your journey and seeing future blogs. Good job!!
    3099 days ago
    2:00 ~ Horrid.
    Lazy, No self-control, Not beautiful, Couldn't get laid.
    Those Myths were what kept me blind to the fact that I was obese.
    I was none of those things.
    That next myth of Weight Loss being a simple formula of calories in vs. calories out was a major stumbling block. That formal didn't factor the whole package of my being in and that I needed to work on some psychological roadblocks.
    WoW, you are a riot.
    I'm taking the liberty of friending you.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3099 days ago
    Thank you for that!
    I really enjoyed your vlog and "fat people can't be beautiful" is one of my biggest peeves in the world. I have a couple of the most beautiful friends in the world and yet they have always felt held back by their weight... despite being ABSOLUTELY FREAKING GORGEOUS! I only wish your attitude about beauty could be more contagious!

    Thanks again!
    3099 days ago

    I was thinking as I was listening, when people give myth one & two: If fat people never leave the house how do they get to Mc Donalds for the Big Mac & fries"? emoticon Just sayin'

    You are so cool! I love your style. Here's looking forward to the next one! emoticon
    3099 days ago
  • REDSHOES2011
    emoticon You rock! I was almost throwing up at some peoples attitudes..

    3099 days ago
    As always, wonderfully (and hilariously) put!
    3099 days ago
    Oh most definitely, some people will close their ears to what is said no matter what. But hopefully somewhere someone will see this and change their mind. :)
    3099 days ago
    Myths continue because people perpetuate them and because it is easier to do so than to learn the truth
    3099 days ago
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