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Rest & Reflection Days are Important Too

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Since TOM hit with a vengeance last night, and the very thought of running turned my stomach when I got up today (in fact, it's one of those "Oh gods please don't let anything jostle my innards or I'm gonna cry" kind of days), I made a conscious decision to take the day off and maybe get a little caught up on the interwebz. I don't know how caught up I am yet, but I don't feel *quite* as buried under a rock as I've felt ever since last weekend, so I think that was a good decision. I do still intend to start the 100 pushups challenge today (though it may wait until after I get to work) - I'm hoping to set the routine up for Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, thus making at least 2 work-days a little more productive on the exercise front. I bought a second yoga mat this week so I can take one to work and leave it there - that should help curb any excuses regarding crawling around on the floor in work clothes. LOL

THAT said, it's been a good day for reflection. I've had a NUMBER of non-scale victory moments in the past couple of weeks that I haven't had a chance to really blog about yet.

emoticon The biggest and most obvious I did actually blog about - I fit into (and bought) size 18 jeans this weekend! I don't know what made me try, except that I'd noticed the 20s I bought and have been wearing for the past couple of months were feeling a little loose, and I've been noticing my undies are getting baggy, and just thought "Hmmm, I wonder..." Glad I did - I wore the 18s to work last night (I had to go in briefly to finish up the time change for Europe) for the first time, and I had a co-worker notice. :) Of course, this was the same co-worker who to this day is STILL the only person who'd noticed I cut my hair without my mentioning it, so she's just generally super observant. But still - that felt good. :)

emoticonOf course, that said, she's not the only person at work who's noticed. One of the guys (who happens to be a facebook friend too, so he sees the SP cross-posts) mentioned about 2 weeks ago that the weightloss was really starting to become noticeable. From a guy that's doubly encouraging (since they're generally a lot less observant about such things). :)

emoticonMy sister called me while I was at the gym last week, and said "You're becoming a regular gym rat!" - which I took as the compliment I know she meant it to be. We proceeded to have a really good conversation and I hope I encouraged her a bit - the stress of new motherhood and all the adjustments with the adoption have really been taking their toll and she's seen some health symptoms starting to occur that worry her (there was a time, when she was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, when she could barely make it from bed to bathroom and back - and she recovered from that to walk a half marathon with me, so reminding her of what she's accomplished in the past and that I believe in her from my toes seemed to help, at least I hope so).

emoticon Sone of you know I've been jonesin' to get my stomp on for WEEKS, and we finally made it out dancing on St. Patrick's Day. First of all - I have MOVES! Seriously, I did things I haven't done in years (including "getting low" - shook that thang all the way to the FLO'!), and it didn't hurt! And I was only mildly sore the next day. And I felt sexy and confident and had my "You WISH you could hit this!" Diva attitude going on all night - it was a blast. :) AND to top it all off, while 'Yote and I were dancing to the song "Military Fashion Show" I felt a girl come up behind me and start dirty dancing with me (I knew immediately it was my friend Onyx - she *always* dances with me at the club if she's there) - dancing with hot chick for the win! Plus, it healed places I hadn't realized were still broken (I found myself getting weepy, with the sense of "I am NOT a lost cause and I can and will have a girlfriend again someday" that bubbled up from my toes while she was dancing with me). Back story - the last time we went dancing with the ex-girlfriend (which was for my daughter's 21st birthday), she totally ignored me during that song for her new girlfriend, and the lyric "Girlfriends girlfriends never could be mine" pretty much destroyed me at the time. (Some pictoral evidence from that night can be seen here on my LJ - there are some GREAT shots of my sexy 'Yote, AND my ohmygodshowisshethatgrownup daughter: mseuphrates.livejournal.
) So yeah...healing. Still a work in progress, but I'm getting there.

emoticon I've had a NUMBER of NSVs happen at the gym recently, this week's general running-fail (first run I forgot my inhaler and couldn't complete it, second was good, and today I bailed on the gym) notwithstanding. First of all, the day I wore my AHA race t-shirt for the first time, I happened to see the fitness director who congratulated me that the team had done so well, and then mentioned "You're shrinking! And it's really getting noticeable in your face!" which made me feel like a million bucks. THEN, the last running day last week, as I finished my final run I felt a tap on my shoulder - and there was DOLLFITNESS (the trainer who's done my evaluations and is also a marathoner), clapping at me. THAT felt awesome.

I have no idea what the scale is going to look like this week - last week I stayed the same, and I *feel* like I've slacked off on the gym this week (though when you look at the actual minutes I'm still doing pretty well). I've stayed on target with nutrition though, so we'll see. ONE-derland is close enough I can taste it - and it had been my hope to be safely under 200 by the end of BLC15, but you know what? It doesn't really matter - the fact is, I FEEL great, people are noticing my progress, and I'm living life to the fullest and looking forward to a summer full of adventures I could never have contemplated 50 pounds ago. I'll TOTALLY take that!

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