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accidental goal achievement. maybe. I dunno.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

So, for a week to ten days, I handled the food end of life by eating just about anything. I was going to say "anything I wanted," but the reality is that the food itself wasn't really what I wanted. I wanted comfort and security and easy. And we know how that went:

I got on the scale on Wednesday (I think), noted my weight gain--226.1. Reminded myself that it reflected the calories I'd eaten and the salt content. Shrugged. Reminded myself that my goal at the moment is to take appropriate care of me while not gaining weight. This is in the realm of maintain.

Yesterday, I was out of laundry, and pulled two pair of pants from the aspirational pile. One fit, but was not public ready. The other I wore all day, and eventually realized they were sitting too low much of the time.

And today I put batteries in the Wii, and got on that scale again. I looked. I got off. I recalibrated it. I got on again. I got off. I re-calibrated it, and then picked up my pants off the floor to compare that scenario. On and off. For about five minutes. Really.

I took a middling number out of all this. 218 and change. The first number was ridiculous, 216ish.

Big dramatic events going on this week, and it's not my relatives. And not something I'm okay talking about. I have not been eating enough--another stress response. And by not enough, I don't mean just insufficient energy intake, but not eating anything past breakfast on one day. That's not good.

I came to this page wondering how I felt about 218. I don't like that number. Even knowing that a stretch of restaurant food and sodium and hormonal fluctuations can do dramatic things to a body.

What was I saying? Oh yeah. I came to my Sparkpage wondering how I feel about 218, and then I saw that one of my first big goals was 220.

Going to remind myself:
* Track your food
* Don't stress about exercise, because of time, but don't malaise and malinger
* Take care of yourself, preserve your reserves
* Don't get hung up at maintaining at 218. See what happens when your behavior is more on keel.

And some questions for anyone reading this:
--Do you think I need to get a more conventional scale than the Wii?
--What would you do if you accidentally met a goal when there were huge stressors in your life? Do you consider it met, or just track it as a fluctuation?
--Ever decided to plateau or maintain as an interim goal and why?
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    My theory has always been to stick to the same scale...though I've been seriously considering replacing mine because I'm pretty sure it has Multiple Personality Disorder. Sometimes it's super nice and other times a real PITA.
    3780 days ago
    The scale is just one measurement and with the way your pants felt I would say it was pretty accurate with the loss. As far as considering a goal met I generally wait several days to see if I maintain it... I have been tracking my food, exercising and trying to control my stress level religiously since 1/5 (the stress is the hardest for me). I have lost 18 pounds, I was down to 20 lost this am but I know I can easily fluctuate back up those 2 pounds. If you were to chart my 18 pounds it would look like little shark teeth with the ups and downs. I will consider myself down 20 if is it still there Tues or Wed! I feel you can probably maintain most of your loss but it is important to get back on a healthy track! I was just complaining to my grandmother about how long it was taking me to lose the weight but she reminded me I didn't put on 20 pounds in 4 months, why should I be disappointed in losing "just" (as I put it) 20 pounds in 4 months. Good luck in your journey!
    3782 days ago
    I say Celebrate that goal even if it happend on "Accident".. I think the Wii is VERY reliable, that's what I've based my whole journey on is my wii weigh ins so I don't think you need a new scale, just some brand new fresh batteries.

    Also since it's just you and the doggies, try weighing without clothes to get the best accurate measurments

    Great job on passing your first goal!!! Here's to reaching your next
    3783 days ago
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