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OMG I "Get" it Now!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

As soon as I signed up for this RFML 100DTS challenge and started reading posts, blogs, huddles, profiles... I was drawn in and in love. I was trying to figure out why we all love it here so much. Sure there's encouragement, honesty, humor, what's not to love about that! Then it hit me... it's US!

We don't talk about our kids here!!! We talk about ourselves!!! How AWESOME is it to have a freakin' conversation about just YOU for a change?! No diapers, school, husbands, laundry detergent... just US. FINALLY! US US US US US!!! Yeah we might mention the kids or hubby, but it's how it effects our world, not just "blah blah did whatever today". We're focusing on ourselves for a change and that's a very difficult thing for a Mommy to do. And we're all doing it together. And it's AMAZING!

Love and hugs to all my Ninja Pirate Hookers out there. Keep being you! Thank you so much for your support and comments on my last blog and every other thing I've blathered on about. Your interest in ME is building my confidence and making me a happier, stronger, healthier person.
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