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Odds and Ends and Catching Up

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wow, I feel like I've been under a rock for a YEAR, not just the past week.

First of all - work has sucked (which I'm sure I've whined about enough you already knew that). To avoid going into all the boring technical details, let's just say I was right not to have the "warm fuzzy" about this whole mainframe split deal. Though the mainframe piece actually went fairly well (as one of the mainframe programmers told me yesterday - I told him it must be nice to be able to live with those blinders on and just be able to focus on his piece of the puzzle - those of us who have to deal with how the whole puzzle fits together have been going through abject hell since Saturday night). That said...Tuesday night was actually better. Not as many phone calls from angry customers who couldn't send or pick up files, not as many jobs failing, and we actually made all our SLAs for 8am for the first time since The Split (I seriously wanted confetti to start raining from the ceiling when we were able to declare a "green" status). And I didn't want to run screaming for the hills and never come back ONCE that night, a first all week. So, MAYBE the dust is settling? A little bit anyway? Here's hoping!

The Heartwalk was AWESOME (even if it did result in me being up 30 hours and having to go back to work with only 5 hours of sleep - totally worth it). I will be posting a separate blog on that as soon as I get the rest of the pictures from KCDUGAN (aka The Red Headed Dad) and DANCINGRAVEYNS. But in the meantime, I took some pictures of myself in the sexiest race t-shirt EVAR at the gym yesterday (figured now that I'd earned the right to wear it, that was the most appropriate place for it's unveiling), and then my mate took one too. :)

And here's a picture of my daughter Erin rawkin' HER shirt (which she was wearing when I picked her and the kids' dog up this morning for his vet follow up - the eyes are healing well, but now he's messed up one of his hind legs poor guy - the vet told him "You're not living up to your name lately dude!" - his name is Lucky). :)

SPEAKING of red-heads, I've been picking my sons up from work on Wednesdays-Fridays because the RED HEADED DAD GOT A JOB! FINALLY! And in his field too - making the money he's used to making. So hopefully the tide is turning and he can get back on his feet now - YAYZ!

And with that, I need to get on the road to pick up said red-headed sons. SO the rest of the update will have to wait.

Catch ye later Sparkfriends!
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