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I Began Again

Friday, March 18, 2011

That's what it feels like anyway. Monday was the first day that I was released to resume exercising. Monday I began this journey again. So I find myself once again having to reign in the chocolate consumption and get back on track with exercising.

I had my nutrition and diabetic counseling on Wednesday. The crazy thing about going through those is that I knew (you know head knowledge) most of the information. I felt silly because she would ask me questions and I would answer correctly and then she would look at me like "if you know it then why do you weigh over 300 pounds". I know it was probably my own insecurity and she never said anything like that. I just felt ridiculous. To know the information isn't enough. We can read, study, research and make plans; but if we never do it it doesn't do us any good. You know that old saying, "Knowledge is power", in this case knowledge will only take you as far you decide with your actions. Reading a weight loss book doesn't make you skinny, it does give you the tools you need to do it. Being a sparkpeople member in itself will not make me healthy or thin. I have to do the things I know I need to do. So time to completely put into practice what I preach.

During my time with the nutritionist I came to the conclusion that even though I do my best to eat right, that most of the time my portions may still be off. I had stopped measuring things ages ago because you think you can just eyeball it. Not. Our eyeballs are not measuring utensils. I also decided that I was still taking in too many carbs, not an excessive amount, but too many. So I have tweaked my nutrition and fitness plan again, but whatever it takes to get this weight off, permanently!!! One of the biggest changes I've made is going back to measuring everything I eat or drink (which is usually water). No more eyeballing, not for awhile anyway. I want to make sure the calories I'm logging in are as exact as they can be. As for exercise I will up my cardio. I will be honest, I don't like cardio. It's painful to my joints, muscles, tissue and eyeballs. Well maybe not eyes, but everything else. The fibro and arthritis do not like cardio, but it is necessary. I was doing cardio, just not enough. So I am bumping up my cardio to 45-60 minutes per day and doing some strength everyday too.

Between the measuring, logging, exercising and logging more~~losing weight is becoming a full time job. But its worth it if the weight starts dropping again!!

So now I'm done rambling. Off to measure something or exercise something. :O)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are right on target! I've thought the same thing. Don't bother sending me to a nutritionist, I already know all that stuff! The hard part is truly making it part of our lives!

    I've been doing lots of walking for cardio, along with the WATP DVDs that have strength training in them. My joints actually feel much better with the exercise! Maybe start with those??

    I know you can do this. The hard part is deciding just to DO IT!! I know a group or two that would be glad to hold you accountable. :)
    3128 days ago
    emoticon You are awesome, you know.
    3129 days ago
    Full time job-life style change! emoticon emoticon
    3130 days ago
    way to go!
    3130 days ago
    You are so right. Just knowing the information does not change our figure. Only hard work will do that. I also agree that it's a full time job but we are worth it!!!

    Blessings & Healthy Eating!!!
    3132 days ago
    This is a really great blog.
    We KNOW what we have to do, but we don't do it,
    or we do it for a little while until our inner child takes over and makes us
    PIG OUT for pleasure.
    i am guilty of eyeballing portions, and I hate exercising..
    That's what has taken me so long to lose.
    Just don't give up. Keep at it. We can do this.

    3132 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3132 days ago
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