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Short Lived Victory

Friday, March 18, 2011

On Monday I decided NO MORE JUNK FOOOD. Well I can proudly say that I am 4 days junk food free! It feels great! I don't even want the stuff when I see it!

I have been killing it with my workouts lately and been eating in Spark calorie range (been tracking! yay!). Tomorrow I am hoping for a good weigh-in. I am not going to set a goal of what I hope to lose, I just want it to be a loss!

Yesterday for St. Patty's Day, people brought green goodies and put them in the teacher's lounge. Normally that is my true downfall because my willpower tends to fail when I am in that room. Well, I went into the lounge, looked at all the bad food I love, took 1 grape, and left! I didn't go back the whole day! YAY!!! Yesterday was a great day...


I get home after a great afternoon of workout and sit down to have dinner with the family. My mom is good about fixing things I can eat and then I get other things out that I can have. Well they had fixed turkey tenderloin. I like eating that but first bite I could taste all the salt! I have really watched my sodium intake and can tell from one bite if something has a good amount of sodium in it. So through discussion, found out it was not the plain turkey tenderloin that my mother could have bought, but a flavored one that has more sodium. I made due, ate it, but drank more water. My brother decideds to pipe up and say "Is Nick (fiance) going to eat like you?" Well yes (and is looking forward to it I might add!). Then my brother, sister-in-law, mother, and father have this conversation about how everything I fix/eat or even do is nasty and stinky. I am sorry that I am trying to make myself healthy! Let me go stuff my face with what you all eat! They even picked on me about what I have that makes my foot better because it is in the freezer. So what!

So annoying!

Tomorrow I have my first wedding shower and I am starting to not want to have it. I am already expecting someone to say something about what I am either eating or not. I can't win with my family!

I just keep reminding myself - this is for me, this is for my future family. Screw those that aren't on board!

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    I am proud of you.
    3583 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    3591 days ago
    keep at it! you are doing great! 4 days woohoo!

    as for family, just keep doing what you are doing. hopefully you spark them by example
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3591 days ago
    Tracey, great job not giving in to those goodies. I know that must have felt super.
    About your family, well my ex was no support when I was working at getting my blood sugars undercontrol and yes it did make it harder, but like you I just kept thinking that this was for me and for my sons so I could be healthier. My DH now is so supportive as it sounds your hubby to be is. Hang in there enjoy this special time and dont let them get to you. Think of the future and know you are doing something good for you. Also I will agree it is possible they are really jealous and dont want to see you succeed. So keep working at it, You are a winner.
    Smiles and hugs
    3591 days ago
  • VIRGIE8278
    Congratulations on staying away from the break room!!!

    I can't understand your family! They should want you to be healthy! The only thing I thought was maybe they are giving you a hard time, because they wish they could have your determination! It is such a commendable thing. This is hard enough without having people bring you down.

    If I were in your shoes I would suggest a family meeting, and discuss why this is so important to you, and how they make you feel! It will never change and it will just make it harder for you if they don't get informed about how they are affecting you!

    Good luck, and I know that you will be successful!

    Life, Love and Laughter,

    3592 days ago
    Firstly, WOW about the breakroom! I know how that room can trap you in sometimes...you ROCKED that!!!! emoticon

    Secondly, screw them! (sorry to be blunt) But really! Whoever cares about you will be excited that you're working so hard toward having a healthy life and future. (Like Nick does)

    Soon enough you'll be moving away from all of that nonsense and be free to run after your dreams with your new husband and they can just stuff it!!!

    Again....AWESOME job yesterday!
    3592 days ago
    Ugh, it sucks about your family not being supportive of you yesterday. It's nice that your mom makes an effort to cook things you can eat, though. You've made it this far with or without their support and soon you and Nick will be living on your own and it will be a lot easier to eat the right things and not have other temptations in the house. Just stay strong. I can't believe you've made it 4 days without any junk food! I don't have any confidence in my ability to do that, so I likely wouldn't even try.

    To answer your question from my blog entry, I'm having my surgery in Brazil because it is significantly cheaper there and the surgeons are significantly more experienced. Brazil is the "plastic surgery capital of the world". They are a couple of years ahead of the US in materials and techniques. And, even with the expense of flying there and staying in a hotel for 2-3 weeks while I recover, it's still only going to cost about 1/3 to 1/2 as much as it would here in the US.
    3592 days ago
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