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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I started the Sparkpeople's journey by accident on May 15, 2008 ( surfing the internet for a small spark of HOPE). I have been with the program awhile now, but it has changed my life, if not saved it.
So, you wonder how has it changed my life....Well, before I started this program I had clogged arteries, hypertension, hypothyroid disease (still do), chronic depression, insomnia, and chronic joint pains. I have eliminated the clogged arteries (blood test came back clean, no more meds) my hypertension is gone and last reading read 117/86, that's a far cry from 141/96 (again no more meds). Two years ago my doctor was reminding me I was on the verge of heart disease and possibly a fatal heartattack. I knew I needed to do something. I would go on those stupid new fad diets ( they would work for a bit, then failure) and I would gain much more weight than when I started. This really made me depressed and bitter towards myself. I saw myself as a loser and a failure and that made me give up all HOPE. My body would still hurt, my heart would sputter when I walked with effort, my blood pressure would fly up and then on came a migraine. I have only been able to lose 34 lbs so far on the Sparkpeople (hypothyroid makes it harder to lose it like normal healthy adults) but I have also lost a total of 27 1/2 inches since I have started Sparkpeople. Today, I can walk up stairs and inclines without feeling like I am going to pass out or worse die, my heart let's me know its happy ( it's no longer trying to escape my rib cage) and my joints no longer hurt. I have more energy and I feel confident with myself. When people look at me rudely because I am obesed and ordering something healthy ( they think I am doing it for show) I smile politely and say I am a Sparky!! They don't know what to think of that and leave me alone. Most of the time I get folks who are thrilled to help me with the changes I make to my menu for a healthier meal. Sometimes, I wonder if they are a sparky!!
I even had moments when I told others about the Sparkpeople program (they joined too) and that makes me feel good knowing I made a difference in someone else's lifestyle changes. See, there are still good people out there like us who know what it's like to struggle and it's our responsibility as a spark member to tell them about this wonderful lifestyle changing program. There has been so many positive changes in my life that there are truly too many to list. But Spark has given me faith in myself and I know I am going to go all the way with this. How can you go wrong, I can't see failure in this program. I usually give up or blow out of the diet within two weeks from boring foods or impossible expectations. Sparks is none of the above. It's a fun and positive community of people who try to change their lives and the lives of others thru their success and heartaches.
I love this program and I am doing these changes for me, so I can live a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle and be with my family until I am 90+ yrs old.
BUT MOST OF ALL.....I FINALLY LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM!!!! and that is a big change in my life and I owe that to Chris Downie and his staff team members!! SPREAD THE SPARK!!!

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