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Friday, March 11, 2011

Today is the day!!! I have done this before and I can most certainly do it again. Getting pregnant can knock the muscle right off of you, but he's almost 2 now so I have no excuses anymore.

NOTES TO SELF: Exercise can get addicting once you get past the crap stage of feeling weak and sore. When you realize you can suddenly go further, faster, do more... you'll be motivated again so don't give up.

Have fun! Go hiking! Ride a bike! Swim! Get creative! Clean the floors with a bucket and scrub brush for arm strength, take laundry down the stairs one armful at a time instead of in the basket to get some stairwork for the thighs... mix it up!!!

FIND A FRIEND!! Don't be embarrassed by red sweaty faces and loss of breath, making dumb exercise noises. Exercise ain't pretty, but after that first time you'll get over it. And then we can reward ourselves with an hour away from kids, sipping on margaritas! I repeat... GET OVER IT, Allison!!!
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