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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

A major discovery was made this morning! With all of this beating my head against the wall to find out why I continue to gain small amounts of weight over a period of time. I’ve seen an Endocrinologist to help battle the fatigue; Vitamin D deficiency. Still have days that I don’t feel like much at the end of the day, but don’t we all?!

I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that like it’s employees to be proactive in their health. We have a nice gym full of trainers, intuitionalists, PT’s, massage. It also has 2 basketball courts, Olympic sized pool, free weights and standard cardio equipment. Cost per year to me; $24! How often do I use the place? Next to never. I love my local YMCA and the people there, but I do utilize my work gym when necessary. This was one of those times.

I had forgotten that one of the services offered is Basal Metabolic Rate testing. I took one of these tests a few years ago; about the same time I joined Spark. Back then my BMR pretty much matched what Spark was telling me and I was seeing results. Why had I not thought to have this test done 15 pounds, 25 pounds or even 50 pounds ago? Hard to say. I will say that I’m going to plan to have a BMR test 4 times a year from here on out.

Allow me to explain what a BMR test consists of; for those who don’t know or understand. If you’ve had one done this maybe a paragraph to skip. A BMR test measures the exchange of inhalation and exhalation. It take these breaths and sees how efficiently your body is processing the oxygen. How this works is that you have a mouthpiece in your mouth (duh) and it’s attached to the machine that does the measuring/computing. There’s also a nose clip that forces you to only breathe through you mouth. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Your mouth starts drying out and the bit of saliva you do have pools in the bottom of your lip; it’s near impossible to swallow.

After the test Nate, the trainer, looks at me almost bewildered. He says “your BMR is 1750.” Nate, like most people, only sees the fluffy exterior and don’t realize the level of fitness that’s under the marshmallow crème. I share a bit of my history with Nate and he’s pretty impressed that a guy of my size can go out and lay down 14 miles. I tell him that I’m training for a marathon and I’m constantly hungry even though I’m eating like WAY more than 1750 calories. He says that hunger is a good thing, but not around the time when you’re training. Nate also suggests adding some ST into my life; I believe I’ve heard that from some others as well. ;-).

So, my dilemma is Spark. I reset my tracker a couple weeks ago to my near current weight, 300#, and eliminated almost all exercise to see where my “maintenance” calories would be. The number that stares back is almost 3,000 calories!. That’s a HUGE difference and it’s no wonder I’ve been putting on the pounds. I’ve gone into the SP tracking system and adjusted my intake to 1750-1850 calories per day and we’ll see how that goes. I’ll tell you though; my stomach is growling while I sit here typing this.

On a secondary note. I’ve been having some ‘tightness’ and coughing after I finish my exercise. I saw the doctor and he said in kids they’d jump straight to exercise-induced asthma, but not in an adult. They first need to rule out any heart issues or other issues. So, we did an EKG and took a chest x-ray. Both tests were clear; actually he was very impressed with my EKG. So, now I have an inhaler that I take a couple puffs off of just before exercise.

Everyday is a new adventure!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Way to go on your weight loss and so happy your work place has all that it has to help you!
    3693 days ago
  • TIGGER622
    YAY! I am alive! Took me a while to get to the blogs though!!! Thanks for posting this - I have been having trouble with my numbers too... I better go back and check what my BMR was measured at... You are doing awesome, figuring it all out! Hopefully the hunger has started to settle - and I get to see you soon!!! YAY!!!!!
    3714 days ago
    :::high fives::: Way to go on your BMR fitness test!! And I hear ya about caloric intake, when I'm training for a race I'm CONSTANTLY hungry.

    I have that wheezing sometimes too after working out, and the doc I was seeing at the time thought it was a combo of my intense outdoor allergies and exercise.

    3717 days ago
    Wow - I wish I had the amenities at work that you do! That is truly awesome that they provide those services to you!!!! :-) And way to go on taking advantage of the BMR! I've been thinking lately that it may be time for me to check that out as well...now I just need to find where to get it done locally.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that your new plans pay off!
    3721 days ago
    Glad you got some answers :)! Cool deal at work, glad you took advantage of the deal and have a new plan to proceed. Hope your inhaler clears up some problems too. Can't wait to see the results on the new program!!
    3721 days ago
    What an AWESOME deal at work!!

    Those calories are definitely going to bring about some GREAT results!

    3721 days ago
    I've never had a BMR so I don't know what a normal range is but that sounds great! Sounds like something I should test & find out more about. I love it when you beat the odds the trainer expects by the outside package. I did the same at my fitness assessment with PAI in January. Sounds like you are thinking the right way to me! Keep up the good work and hopefully I'll see you at MIT on Saturday!

    3721 days ago
    I totally need to get to the doctor and get my inhaler refilled (and have him check things out in general). *sighs* Good for you being proactive!!! (And yay for workplaces that put an emphasis on health - I'm pretty sure my employers are trying to kill me.)
    3722 days ago
  • no profile photo THEMRSH
    Awesome Bill. So glad you are getting to see some light.
    3722 days ago
    3722 days ago
    emoticon Glad you are taking care of yourself. It's such an individual thing. (right now we are having a chestiness things walking etc, but so is everyone around us and I thini it's winter fungus on the lungs. Dr. should fly us all to Fla)

    You think you 've got frustration....just look at our guy Jim today.
    3722 days ago
    Bill, sounds like you're getting some answers. I wish you the very best, my friend!

    3722 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Thank God we are getting to the root of the problem. I know you have been MORE than frustrated! I truly hope that you can finally move forward.

    3722 days ago
    So glad that you got some answers. I think that knowing your BMR is very important. I hadn't even thought to suggest that to you. I didn't realize that the wellness center offered them. I have gone to a place called Baseline Fitness to get mine tested. It has been almost a year, so I should probably get it tested again.
    3722 days ago
  • SIS293
    Well that certainly explains a lot.....now i guess it will be time to fill up on those veggies....lots and lots of veggies :)
    3722 days ago
    So glad you got some answers and had a good checkup! I still am trying to figure everything out by trial and error!
    3722 days ago
    The hunger you have is something that will get better once you get used to your adjustment. However, you may need to eat more than that depending on how many strength workouts you do per week. My BMR was 2570 and I am eating about 2200 cals per day with 3 strength workouts a week and 2 solid aerobic workouts plus daily walking. I would like to lose faster, of course, but I seem to be pretty consistent with the 1 lb a week, give or take. So make sure you're willing to adjust as you incorporate that strength training in. Don't starve those muscles!

    You are definitely on the right track here. Great job!
    3722 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5915724
    Wow! I wish my company had those facilities and services! I've never thought about having a BMR test, but it sounds like it would be really helpful. I hope the new calorie level works for you!
    3722 days ago
    How fortunate for you to have those additional perks at your workplace, it's great that they're supportive that way! Good luck with your marathon training, make sure you follow your Dr.'s advice!!
    3722 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4363972
    Do you know of anywhere else you can get a BMR done?
    3722 days ago
    Wow. I cannot BELIEVE your BMR is only 1750! That is scary...did he have any idea why (other than lack of muscle)? Scary, a little.
    3722 days ago
  • HOPE2011
    I have no worries whatsoever about you - you have proven you can do it and I know you'll continue to do well. Way to get a handle on it though!
    3722 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2801676
    I also have one of 'them puffers'. Is the doc sending you to a pulmonologist? I am glad you got your BMR. All around good news - at least that is how I see it.
    3722 days ago
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