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I stepped back on the road to success, now to keep on it……

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

My wife and I went shopping. I had it in my hands, that beautiful, shiny, full of neat buttons extra big basket deep fryer! I was thinking about all the wings, onion rings and fried pickles.. battered, fried and dipped in ranch we were going to enjoy! Hell, maybe even a deep fried Twinkie..why not?

Then we saw it, two items down on the shelf, a two tier steamer! An appetizing picture of a salmon fillet on the bottom and fresh veggies on top….I looked at my once again growing gut, then at my beautiful and always supporting wife…she picked up the steamer, as I put the fryer back on the shelf.

Looks like fresh salmon and veggies tonight, and we decided to go to the gym after dinner….a good day and one step back on the road to success!
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