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Week One of Challenge Totals....

Monday, March 07, 2011

March Results Week One -
Weight Loss - 2.6 lbs
Inches Lost - 1
Miles - 22.59

Overall Totals for 2011 -
Weight Loss - 18 lbs
Inches Lost - 8.75
Miles - 151

A few of you said that you wanted to see a recent picture so here you go! This was from our date night last weekend when my parents where here. Just think, I have lost another 2.6 lbs since this was taken! What a great feeling this is knowing with each week, I am another step closer to becoming my very best!

I was super pleased with week one of my program. I am seeing a side of me that I have not seen in YEARS and it feels amazing. My husband is in shock and is constantly complimenting me on my progress, every girls dream right! :) I can see that 2011 is shaping up to be a very good year! I still have about 3.8 lbs that I would like to lose this month and I think I can get there but it is going to take more hard work, but I am ready to put in the effort needed.

This weekend my run was AWESOME but I did a very stupid thing. I learned the hard way the importance of stretching before a run and starting off slow. I started off WAY too fast and pulled my hamstring. I started my run in town center and as I was running through the main area I was thinking about how the Ironman will be here in May and the finish of the race was where I was running. I began to get emotional thinking about this as it truly is a dream of mine and I found myself running far too fast for that first mile. I slowed my pace down and ended up with a 10:06 mm but it was too late, my little hammie was pulled!

Throughout the run there was a burning and tightness which was painful, yet I could still run. I still managed to PR somehow, but today I am paying for it big time! My leg HURTS! I am going to take today and tomorrow off and focus on stretching and yoga. Rodney Yee's Strength Yoga DVD is an excellent way to get a good workout in while resting my leg. I do plan on walking today for a few miles with Kayla but at a VERY slow pace. This is just so my leg does not get stiff. Because I am taking a few days off my eating needs to be LIGHT!! I will be focusing on fresh juices, teas and bulking up my meals with Chia seeds and other forms of fiber where I can. Who knows, maybe with a few days of rest the scale will keep on coming down!
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