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It's Really Just Not About YOU!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Ok for those of you who know me, know I'm not a big time blogger....So if I am blogging then I am either extremely excited or....the opposite! Well, with that being said I am the opposite LOL

This to me is a motivational, educational and inspirational site! I LOVE SPARKS! Most of you may know that I am a Sparks surfer...I don't get to post on most things that I read here...I am a serial Sparks surfer...I've read a ton of blogs, Sparkpages and even when a status is updated...
I come here for support! So if Sparks can provide that for us...then why can't we provide that for SPARKS! If you don't like something, would a little note of the oversight being sent too much to ask? Sparks has to appeal to a very large spectrum so it's really NOT just about YOU!

This isn't anything personal or towards any ONE person...just a few things I read tonight and what makes it so bad...I'm not even on some of the teams...just random things I read. Soooo I was thinking (ut oh lol) I bet Sparks get tired of reading all the things they (which some might say) aren't doing...So I wanted to say HEY I APPRECIATE YOU SPARK PEOPLE SPARK FRIENDS!

This world and its existence is larger than life...sooo It's really Just not about YOU!

whew!!!! I said it :)
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