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10 yr. old boys and 'love' Oh my! Funny but serious!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Well this child, MY SON, pictured below (with my grandson):

Innocent.. YEAH right~! LOL

pulled a good one this week!

I get a text from his teacher this morning:

"Sherlyn, did you know Lane brought your husbands' 10K wedding band to school and gave it to Haley ?"

My text:

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! NO!!!!! I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!!! BUT my husband is wearing his wedding band.. OH NO!!! Lane must have brought my Deceased Dad's wedding band to school! "

(MY dad died at when I was 18, my mom gave me his wedding band from when they were together; I have had it for years now)

I checked where I keep it and it WAS still in the jewery case! HUMMMM???

My Dh and I figured it it must be his old wedding band he had when we first got married over 22 yrs ago. It was not comfortable and cut into his finger so we bought him a comfort band about 5 yrs into our marriage.

Text from the teacher:

"I told Lane to take it home and give it to you yesterday...and I asked him this morning if he did so and he said he did! "

ME: "No, Mrs. S.. he did NOT give it to me last night!!!"

5 mins later.....

"Sherlyn, I questioned him some more and he said no he had NOT given it to you... that he had taken it WITHOUT permission (no kidding!) and so he hid it under a desk in his room"

Ok... now he is a thief and a lyer! (LOL... yes funny but serious!)

I checked under some furniture in his room.. YEP there it was.. my husband's first wedding band!

OK.. now the punishment! What to do..?? I was really mad at 8:30 am..
Now I am dissapointed... and thinking what to do besides sit down and have a good stern talk... and of course think of a punishment!

HE knows better!!!

THANK GOD little Haley showed the ring to the teacher yesterday evening before she went home from school.. Thank you Lord you intervened!

So... obviously he is in trouble...

boy parenting can be hard!

All for love.... (don't even get me started on that one.... HE IS 10 YRS old!... NOT 16.. NOT 20..

4th GRADE TEN!! 10!!!

Any input is welcome!

My mom was not any help! I told her (she is 80) and she said "DON'T be too hard on him!" He comes by it naturally! WHAT??? I say??? THIEVING ,,,,, LYING NATURALLY!!! WHAT are you talking about..

She said her mother and her had found a diamond ring in the yard at their house... buried... in the dirt....and her mother put it up.
My mom said she took it a few weeks later and gave it to a boy that she had a huge crush on. My mom was 9 and the boy was 15.
My mom said the boy took the ring.. smiled and thanked her nicely..
and when her mother found the ring missing.. she lied too, then fessed up, then her mother marched her over to the boys' house to get the ring.. and he had given it to his girlfriend!
LOL (they never got it back! ) LOL

So thanks allot mom.. YOU are ALLOT of help!!!!!


Update at 5:30 today.. so he gets home from school.. I go over all the details with him and make him tell me the 'story'! He hangs his head in shame.. (so that is good).. he is very nervous... and very quite (alway loud.. so not normal to be QUITE!!) so definitely feeling bad.

I determine he got it out of my jewery box on Monday gave it to her Monday.. brought it back home Monday! (yeah.. the little girl was showing it off to everyone and the teacher saw that.. and got curious) this little girl is in ANOTHER 4th grade class... not EVEN in my son's room!

Anyway.. he has probably been thinking about this since Monday... coz he knew he should not have taken it!

I laid it on good too.. and THICK!! LOL
I said
"Lane.. now let me get this straight... I was shopping in town in the farm supply store for something dad needed and I bought you some farm gloves (he loved them!) and so I was showing my "love" for you... . and let me see... YOU WERE STEALING FROM ME!"

YOU were disrespecting me!"

"Lane, do I have that right?"

"YES mom" he says... "That is right" "MOM, what is my punishment"...

I said "I don't know.. what should it be.. do you think?"

He says "I, don't know??? I am not the PARENT!"

HA ha... kids.. don't you love 'em!"
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am sorry, but it is easy to laugh when it isn't your kid.. LOL

    I don't have any of those stories, but my son, no matter what he did, always somehow made me laugh. Not easy to punish or be mad at a kid that is witty..LOL
    I asked him one day, while we were at a friends house.. "Look at how clean Justins room is, how come you don't keep your room that clean."
    His response: "If Justin jumped off a bridge, would you want me to do that too?" LOL Yeah, I laughed til I cried!!

    Parenting is hard, but you sound like you handled it very well. I think his punishment should be worrying for a week what his punishment will be.. hahaha!!
    3752 days ago
    I had to laugh.

    When I was pregnant with my third son, my fingers swelled. So I took off my rings and put them in a drawer. Well, my two older boys 5 and 3 at the time found them and did who knows what with them. It came time to move and we couldn't find them any where. Then my brother who was the last to move out, finds them outside in the dirt. Calls and says he will mail them to me. Then he looses them while he is staying at a friends house.

    They were too young to really get mad at. But I teased them about it forever. Whenever they wanted something way too expensive or felt I owed them something I would bring up that they owed me my wedding rings.

    3762 days ago
    LOL. He is as cute as a button and it seems he has good taste as well.

    3763 days ago
  • REJ7777
    You're right, it isn't easy to be a parent! And what your son doesn't know yet, is that even parents don't know what to do sometimes. May God give you wisdom and grace.
    3764 days ago
  • LESLIES537
    Cute story! He looks so innocent in the picture though?!!?!! emoticon emoticon
    3764 days ago
    Oh, my goodness you have the strength of an angel to be able to keep a straight face & be stern~ that story made me smile myself inside out!

    It IS important not to steal, or lie though. Sometimes little boys (& girls) know something is wrong, but do not Feel something is wrong, & it takes the disappointment of someone they love to kick that conscience into gear.

    You have a real romantic on your hands, no flowers or stuffed animals~ just straight to wedlock!!! emoticon
    3765 days ago
  • HEZZA2000
    I'm sorry, but this just made me laugh and laugh. You are an AWESOME mom with a great gift for storytelling. :D

    My cousin stole my grandmother's engagement ring when he was little, never fessed up. We never got it back. So glad your ring fared better!!!

    Kids are like little magpies with their love of the shiny things!
    3765 days ago
  • BAKER1009
    Aw, what a sweet story, and a funny one, and a serious one at the same time! Parenting is hard. Last year my son took a gold chain from the gym floor after nobody claimed it. The teacher asked the kids if it belonged to any of them. After none of them responded my son told her it belonged to him. He was so caught up in those cash for gold commercials. Now how he thought he would get it to one of those stores is beyond me. He lied about where it came from at first (when I asked him) but eventually came out with the truth. His punishment was to write us a letter explaining why what he did was wrong (my son hates to write, so making him write always feels like punishment to him!), and we also took him to the school so he could explain it to the guidance counselor and the gym teacher.
    He will be ten this month, so I know the age well! My teenage daughter...oh boy is she fun right now!!

    Hope you have a good day Sheryln!!

    3765 days ago
    3765 days ago
  • BEANTOWN18974
    glad I'm not alone! I have one like that too!
    3765 days ago
    It sounds like he was genuinely sorry which is what we want! Sometimes the fear and guilt they feel is almost punishment enough. I'm sure whatever you do will be fine.

    I'm having my own dilemna with 18 year old son today...long story. But any creative punishment I hear of...I'll be keeping in mind!!!
    3765 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7043637
    I enjoyed your story so much! I had a good laugh! emoticon

    3765 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7748096
    Oh boy, that's a conundrum. :) I imagine his own shame and sense of guilt are as good as any punishment you can come up with, Sherlyn. Kids! :-)
    3765 days ago
    Great story and a good laugh... Sorry, no answer...
    3765 days ago
  • SPARKIE1964
    While I don't condone lying or stealing, there is obvious humor in all this not to mention the genetic link to your mom (lol)...I'm not a big proponent of punishing. Instead, I use these experiences to help teach the lessons that will be important as he grows up. He already is likely feeling bad which is his own punishment.
    3765 days ago
  • LPETRO119
    The picture is cute! And I'm laughing too hard to give any good advice! Seriously, it sounds like you have a great relationship with your son's teacher. emoticon
    3765 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your blog SO MUCH, Sherlyn!!! How adorable, and NO, I do NOT have any worthy advise! emoticon
    3765 days ago
    LOL...Thanks for a good laugh! Sorry, I am laughing with you, not at you. Well, on the positive side, he was trying to make a romantic gesture which bodes well for his future girlfriend/wife. Unfortunately, he did it with your husband's ring. Hmmm...what to do? I guess it depends on what he says when you talk to him about it. I've always thought there should be a Parent's Handbook with all the answers. I will just wish you the best!!

    3765 days ago
    Too funny, but I can understand your dilemma. Don't be too hard on him, he's in LOVE! And by the way--both your son and grandson--simply adorable!!
    3765 days ago
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