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Started the Bernstein Diet

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey Everyone!

I started the Bernstein Diet. And to those who are not familiar with it. Its a 100% medically supervized diet, low calories and you get vitamin B6 and B12 injections 3 times a week. Its very very very strict but its manageable. They give you a free recipe book with lots of very healthy, quick simple things to make. (Ill post a few soon). So all in all...so far today ive ate perfect and followed my diet and I feel fine. I dont feel deprived at all. I read alot on the internet about it before I started it (obviously) and honestly alot of what ive read has been absolute crap so far so thats a relief for sure. I know some people may think I could of done it the other way and ate well and exercised and over time the weight would of came off....and maybe that be very well true, however, everyone is different and everyone needs a different way. I need this structure and the strictness of this diet works for me. I use to always be the "all or nothing" girl. So if I ate something wrong once, it would ruin my whole week and id get super discouraged, thats just WHO I AM. So with this structered diet, it WILL work for me and besides THEY GUARANTEE 10 lbs of weight loss per month as long as you follow their guidelines and their results have proved it. So I guess Bernstein WILL be my answer.

As far as my weight. Im 216 as of today Feb 23rd 2011. I also started my period today...and we know what that does, retain water and all the fun stuff. Ill eventually start putting before and after photos up when I start to see the scale go down. I will post my weigh in's 3 times a week. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays (those are the three days I get weighed and get my shots.) I get measurements every three weeks so ill post those too.

Ok so thats my blog for today.

-With love as always
Holly emoticon
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