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When having a bad day...please review (pic)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dear Fizzyball,
When you are having a bad day, doubting your strength and reasons why, please review the below:
You have been more active since you have begun this adventure in June 2010 then you have been in the last 10 years. Just look at the fun fill days you've had since getting off the couch.
1. Took up Zumba in June and enjoy it still today. You, inviting your Mom and bestfriend to join a class inspired them to begin their own weight loss adventure.
2. You and your Husband have been hiking a few times in the mountains, enjoyed healthy picnics while being surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and wildlife.

*Your last hike at @ 270 pds. in Feb 2011.
3. You took a cruise in December 2010. While cruising you still tracked NEVER took the elevator ONLY stairs. Went to the gym and completed your first 5k walk while on the ship.

*Enjoyed the picturesque beach without being self conscious.
4. You went water tubing in August 2010. You were scared, came up with many excuses why a big girl should not do it. BUT you did it and had a great time.
5. You took a road trip to Fort Lauderdale (October 2010). You went deep sea fishing on a small boat and went swimming in a regular bathing suit with no cover up.

*That's your brother in the chair. Husband was on the other side of ship
6. You visited the Biltmore House (January 2011) and WALKED every trail and CLIMBED every stair there without your back/feet hurting or getting exhausted.

7. You had the guts and stemina to have fun and climb up a blow up slide in front of a crowded gym.

8. You went snow tubing and CLIMBED up the mountain more times than taking the lift back up. We were worried you were not going to fit in the tube but you gave it a go and again you had fun.

*In picture: step dad and sister.
9. In addition to Zumba you have tried yoga and pilates. Despite being the biggest girl there you go, do your best and enjoy it.
10. During your lunch hour, instead of shopping/going out to eat and spending hard earn money you go to your complimentary gym and enjoy some YOU time and a nice steam ;)
11. You have enjoyed being in the kitchen creating healthy and delicious dinner for your husband and yourself.
12. You are getting closer to a healthier BMI meaning you are getting closer to qualifying for IVF.
13. You are already making fun filled plans for the near future like getting on a plane in June something you have not done in over 17 years and zip lining in May (you still have a lil' ways to go to get to the weight limit but you are work toward this goal).
14. You and your family went to an indoor shooting range something you could have never done before. That same weekend we went to your local high school and played 30 mns of tennis while others were playing and it did not phase you.
15. On 4-12-2011, you got on a plane. Something you had not done in 17 years. You were scared about fitting in seat or needing a seatbelt extender but you fit and did not need an extender. YAY.

16. You flew to Universal Studios with your sister and got on almost all the roller coasters. Again you were concerns about fit but you managed. You had to use the "modified" seating on some coasters but before you could have not fit on any.

*At universal Studios @265 pds.
17. Played laser tag at a Frankie's Fun park on 8/20/11. Equipement fit and I had a blast depsite getting low score but our team won in the end.
18. When to my first corn maze on 10.15.11 with hubby, Mom and Sister at NIGHT. Two hours later we found our way out. Had a great time.

19. Hubby and I went for to vacation to Hilton Head, SC for some relaxation early October 2011. Every morning, we walked the beach (@2 miles), enjoyed some good food and BIKED (first time for Hubby and I during our 17 yrs together). It was just an active and fun vacation.

*Unfortunately, we have no pictures of us on the bikes but here are the bikes. lol
20. On 11/19/20011, Hubs and fam went to our first Opera "cosi con futte" at our local cultural center. We enjoyed the experiences. The sits were still a lil' tight but much more comfortable than a year ago. :) @249 pds.

Yes it is the hardest thing you have ever done. It is lonely at times and overwhelming but only 7 months in you have benefited so much. Your confidence and joie de vivre is back. You welcome and seize every day by challenging yourself and conquering your fears. So keep on keeping on because you know you can do it. I will keep updated this letter as you continue writing your new adventures. Have fun and don't take moments and your people for granted.

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