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BLC spring fever story ~ motivational story of olympic proportion

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

well when i need an extra just push in the write direction and nobody is around. i try to read somehting about someone who was conquared with all odds against them because thats what i am feeling like right now. each persons journey isent the same everytime. it might appear easy but u dont knwo there whole journey from birth to death. somehtings might have been difficult for them. people may think a persons journey maybe be quick plus easy but it isent always easy and it does take lots of efort to get to your goals. soem goals can be donein a day but most cannot be so be patient.

I found an article about a crippled young grl named wilma... do u wanna know what happend to her in her lifetime? well wilma roudolf had some uncermountable odds to get over to be alive again. wilma was born in1940 with tons of siblings. 22 in fact. she was diagnosed with polio a crippling disease that confines u be unable to walk. have u ever had a doctor say well u will never be able to do something? have u ever felt that nobody thought u could turn it all around knowing ur potential? counting days turned into alot more then that into weeks. guess what weeks turned into. weeks turned into months and moths turned into yrs, she went to the doctors once a week by bus haveing her family haveing faith in wilma but not alot fo else haveing her family doing everything they can to help her. wilma thorugh the yrs have gone from messages, to braces on her legs, then special high tops, and then after 4 yrs she could walk again. her mom saw her bare foot playing so she just new that here dream came true again. she can walk again like she never had polio at all. at 8 is when she started to walk again.

so she turned herself sround in high school she started running and then turned olympian as well as gold medalist. 1956 melborn austraila olympics she did a relay 400m and in 1959 qualified for rome in 1960 with a world record plus 2 gold medals 100 as well as 200 16yrs after she was told she woudl never walk again. what a hero and special person!!! dont u think? she retired at 22 yrs but had a great carrer i think. wilma passed in 1994 from brain and throat cancer.

the lesson in the article but i took it as a lesson in my own mind is " Even when things seem hopeless, and even if people tell you that it's impossible, never, never give up".

this story reflecks like my life. every since i was little i had to take a bus to speach language and therapy once a week to boston because i had speach issues remembering things since i was 5yrs old. also i had to go to physical rehab so i can learn things like going on a bike at my own pace. for example balance and things like that. it wasent like i was mentally troubled. i was pretty smart but it just took me longer to learn things that other people were doing. so my mom and i had to go to these places everyweek. eventually i grew out of haveing these appointments but i still wasent fixed i guess. i had to do the work myself still. i just out grew the program. that was untill i was 14 so 9 yrs. i was still in special ed classes but the more i grew older the less i had because i got better at learning everything and studying things. u know i was a an athelete played sports for highschool untill i fell tumbleing down the bus i was on. no one did anything for me let me bleed untill i could walk on my own power. the bus drinver couldnt do anything for legal reason. i did everything then playing basketball for example. i was out for a few months after going to rehab. i had bruised muscles in my knee. also i have patella femoral syndrom now. my knee doesent groove in the knee cap right without a knee brace or knee tape. i have been in and out fo rehab 5 times since i was 16yrs old. i had alot fo hurdles for the better and it has made me better although when these things happened i felt why me. why on my own. i wanted to be independant and do it. people now would have neveer known my journey untill i tell people about it.

moral of the story is that everyone has a journey and never give up on your journey. also no matter how hard yours may seem there might be someelse who might have a more difficult one out there.

here si a link to the article i read to inspire and thank u for reading my story. www.sparkpeople.com/reso
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Quite a story!
    3797 days ago
  • JACKIE4019
    What a wonderful job you have done. Thanks for sharing.
    3811 days ago
  • BOVEY63
    Thanks for sharing your story and Wilma's. You have done well on your journey and should be proud of yourself for all that you have overcome and accomplished.
    emoticon emoticon
    Take care and have a wonderful day!
    3812 days ago
  • HEATHER1969
    I hope your feeling so very motivated after that beautiful story! I know I am!
    3813 days ago
    what a great story - thanks for sharing! sounds like you too had a great journey and with strength you too will reach your goals! take care of you! you are an inspiration!
    3813 days ago
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