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Weigh-In: ER Edition

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well, I guess I can't say that my weekend was uneventful...

I got a call right around noon from the kids' school. Ethan was already home sick (since Wednesday) and now Logan had a fever. I went and picked him up. And then Hubs started feeling ill. *sigh* Here I was, one week before I'm supposed to be in the Vagina Monologues, surrounded in a tiny house by sick people coughing everywhere. I did my best to spend my time away. Spent a good deal of time at the gym, washed my hands over and over again. Desperately trying to NOT get sick. Of course, my gym time was cut short when I pulled my hip again. *sigh* And then I was forced to sleep on the couch -- not the most comfortable place to sleep, especially with a sore hip.

Once again, I was the only well person in the house. I went to the gym and closed it out, staying for a good, solid hour and a half or so. Then I headed home and walked the dog, trying to kill even more time. It was a long workout with ST and the like, and a challenge to see just how many crunches I could do. I do mine on the ab recline bench because it has the added benefit of working my hips and it doesn't make my lower back sore. Total before failure? 331. Payback later? SORE hips on both sides! D'oh!

After a little rest, I showered and changed and headed up to my MIL's house. She was having her birthday keg party and I was the only one well enough to go. I hit the store, bought her a few gifts, and then arrived at her house around 6:30pm. I didn't end up getting home until 2am, somehow avoiding the house for a great deal of time. I did have 2 glasses of beer, and a few snacks, but I spent a good part of the night dancing. Payback later - sore legs in addition to my sore hips, abs and arms (from ST). Again, I was stuck sleeping on the couch. OW!

Okay, so here's where the title comes in.

Weigh-In Day

Weight Last Week: 329.4
Weight Goal for This Week: 327.4
Actual Weight This Week: 328.0
Weight Loss/Gain This Week: -1.4 pounds

Needless to say, it pissed me off. I had been good all week. I had managed to keep my head above water even when I was thrown a dozen curve balls. And I stuck to the plan about 99% of the time. I wanted my two pounds. I needed them. I fell short. I considered myself a failure. It was a bad morning. It was a worse day.

Nearing noon, I began to worry about Ethan. He got sick first, on Wednesday. He was running a fever for days, but it had been gradually decreasing. He seemed on the mend. He actually felt well enough Saturday morning to eat 2 bowls of Ramen noodles. And now he looked just as bad as he did when he started on Wednesday. I took his temperature and realized his fever had spiked again to 103, and somehow I knew that enough was enough. I got him and myself dressed and drove him to the ER. I kept telling myself I was overreacting and he was just fine, but something in my gut said - "Better safe than sorry!" I also know there's a round of flu going around here that no flu shot can match, and I had a sneaky suspicion that there had been a case of H1N1 flu too (later confirmed). So I laughed at myself and asked the triage nurse if I was overreacting and she said they would do some tests and it was probably just the flu...they'd seen a lot of flu cases recently.

First he was swabbed for strep and the flu. I figured that would be the end of it.
Next they came in with a wheelchair and my heart stopped. They were taking him for chest x-rays.
I calmed myself down with the "they're just trying to cover all their bases" motto.
Then they took blood. (and he just about had a panic attack because he looked at the tube of blood coming out of his arm and got scared)
I told myself they just wanted to be sure it was viral, not bacterial.
And then they came in to give him a breathing treatment.

HOLD THE EFFIN' PHONE. What?! Breathing treatment?
Yep. I got nervous. They don't do breathing treatments for the flu. At least, I'd never heard of such a thing. They only people who get breathing treatments are little kids with asthma, people who have troubles breathing, trouble with their airways. HOLY CRAP!
As he slept, I cried. We waited so long for news.
Turns out his flu turned into to bacterial bronchitis. They gave him some antibiotics and said he could go back to school on Tuesday. By the time we left he was asking for 2 chicken sandwiches from McDonald's and I was happy to give him anything he would eat considering he had eaten so little in the past 5 days.

After the ordeal there, I was a stress eating monster.
McChicken sandwich. Would've been fine if I stopped there.
Also bought a bag of Whopper Robin Eggs at the store because I needed something to crunch and was stressed as hell because Rite-Aid was out of his antibiotics.
Then I ate fries that I didn't even LIKE.
Oh, and then later, once I went back out to get his prescription and groceries, I grabbed pizza and took it home.

It was a hard night. I was upset over the mediocre weigh-in. I was upset over seeing my little boy so fragile. I was just plain ole upset and stressed out.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I sent a message to the girl in charge of the play to let her know I wouldn't be at rehearsal because I was in the hospital with my son. Instead of asking if he was alright or saying something nice and sympathetic, she started hounding me about when I could meet next and how *I* should contact this place again to see if we could meet there. I wanted to strangle her. I eventually had to tell her, "I can't deal with this right now because MY CHILD IS IN THE HOSPITAL!" *sigh* Some people!

I did finally get to sleep in bed, as Hubs said I needed it now more than him so I could heal properly and get back to 100% for my play. He washed all the sheets and blankets and insisted that I sleep in bed that night.

Of course, Hubs made me feel guilty about taking the bed the next day, because he realized just how uncomfortable the couch was. *sigh* I was so super sore. I was upset. I ate like it.

A big salad with lite ranch
Life Cereal
Leftover pizza
Grilled cheese
Conversation hearts


It was a really hard weekend and I have to say that I'm kinda glad it's over.

Today I put in my resignation with the paper.
Today I sent my e-bill in for February.
Today I will entrance my first case.
Today I will finally memorize completely my monologues.
Today I GUESS I will HAVE TO call the stupid school to ask for a place to practice (why the girl running this damn thing isn't doing it, I don't know...she's pissing me off so much...I'll be happy when the whole thing is over).

This weekend:
Vagina Monologues - Friday and Saturday nights
Boxing Lesson #2 - Saturday afternoon
Master Zumba Lesson (?) - Sunday

This week goals:
Keep focused.
No more stress eating.
Back on task.
Lots of water.
1600-1800 calories.
Lots of cardio.
Finish all ST, or at least try each one.
No eating out.

Weight Goal: 326.0
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Whoa you've just put stress into perspective for me! I'd say you're doing fantastic in spite of everything that's going on... but you're doing just plain fantastic in any terms! You're losing weight and working out and a vast majority of the time making healthy choices! That's great, keep it up!!
    3725 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Yes, a very stressful weekend full of people adding to your frustrations! I think the girl running the play should be happy she is still even alive! I am glad you took your son and got him some medicine that will probably quickly make him better! (Kids are like that, aren't they?) I think you did an amazing job just keeping yourself together and getting all that ST and cardio in. You can't beat yourself up over a little "convenience" eating. Your son's health is important and we do what we have to, right? Just keep hanging in there like you do, because you are doing this! Hmmmm. And maybe be sure to send some germs to that woman standing in your way. A little package of bacteria is just what she needs!
    3726 days ago
  • MAGSA10
    emoticon Wow!!!! I would say having a stressful weekend was putting it mildly. Girl you deserve a break for your whole family. I am sure that the kids will get better with the meds and that hubby will really appreciate you even more when this is all said and done. Wishing you and yours healthy days ahead and much success on your weight loss goal for the week. Keep your head up and hang strong. emoticon

    Maggie j. emoticon
    3726 days ago
  • _SASX_
    Poor Ethan! SO glad that you go the right Rx for him though.

    Poor you and your hip and couch and Vagina Monologues.

    This week sounds like a good plan!

    3726 days ago
    Yikes, thats a tough weekend. I hope everyone is feeling better and you don't catch what they had in the process. You'll get back on track and in the big picture the stress eating won't matter. Don't let it stress you out more. Good luck with the show! I am excited to hear how it goes.
    3726 days ago
    Wow! I hope everyone gets to feeling better and hope the rest get over the flu without the extra hospital visit.
    3726 days ago
    omg your poor family!! jeebz crispies, i hope you guys can catch a break soon :( hang in there mama!!!
    3726 days ago
    How scary for you and your son! Glad he should be feeling better now that he has meds.

    You know, sometimes life gets into the way of our goals and all of our good intentions. It happens and while we like to think we are all super women, we're not. :) Don't beat yourself about last week. You did eat some very healthy food, you exercised and tried your best to ward off germs (which is half the battle sometimes). You had some slip ups but you also needed an outlet, a release. That's alot to handle. Give yourself credit for trying! you have the motivation to reach your goals. Give yourself a little more time to do it, because you will get there!
    3726 days ago
    Esther I am just exhausted reading your blog *sigh* wow, sorry you had to deal with this person plus with Ethan being sick. Most important is Ethan is better and doing ok. We always have times likes theses when our kids are sick, here is to a better week !
    3726 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7466362
    It's great when the kids start feeling better... but wreckage in their wake is often devestating! You've put a lot of thought (about yourself) from the last few days; your plan for the week is terrific, doable and strong. Kick it!
    3726 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Oh boy what a stressful weekend. I'm glad your boy is ok! I hope everyone feels better soon! Good luck with your show :)
    3726 days ago
  • ERIN1128
    Yikes, what a week and weekend! But I'm so glad you followed your "mom" instincts and took him in. Hope everyone gets better quickly!

    3726 days ago
    OMG poor Ethan and poor you! It's sooooooo scary when our little ones are sick. Worse then when we are somehow. Glad he is doing better and they figured out what was going on right away.

    Yes, you stress ate, but who wouldn't with that much going on? You were looking for comfort and the three people who could do that for you where sick! It's a new week and you can put the weekend behind you.

    PS congrats on the the weigh-in. I know it's not what you wanted, BUT progress is progress! Keep on keepin' on!
    3726 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3543611
    What a rough week! So glad you're keeping your head up! You deserve a good rest!
    3726 days ago
    oh wow, what a rough time. I'm glad thy were able to figure out what was up with your little guy and get him on the mend! Fingers crossed you didn't catch anything!!!! Hoping for a better week for you!
    3726 days ago
    You are not a failure. Nope, no how, no way, not even a little bit. You had a loss during a stressful time, that was an accomplishment and I am officially impressed. emoticon
    3726 days ago
  • HEIDIC75
    Glad your little guys is on the mend!!!! that is so scarey!!!! Don't beat your self up over the stress eating remember today is a new day!! Hang in there sweetie.
    3726 days ago
    Glad Ethan is okay, there is so much of that stuff going around the county its unreal. I hope you feel better soon and know that you inspire me =)
    3726 days ago
  • MAGPIE17
    Glad the little guy's okay; sorry your weekend was so stressful. Here's hoping for a better week, Esther!
    3726 days ago
  • THOMS1
    You had one heck of a week. I hope the kids start feeling better and this week goes smoother for you. emoticon
    3726 days ago
    Dang, Girl! You are one tough woman. We had the flu go through our house in January -- Fever up to 104, breathing treatments, tamiflu, 3 weeks staying at home. MIne are 4-year-olds and it hit them really, really hard. I hope you get lots of good rest and have the week you deserve this week!
    3726 days ago
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