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Another Friday, Another Hip Problem

Friday, February 18, 2011

Okay, I am seriously considering seeing a doctor about this hip situation. I need to know if I should just stop trying to run altogether or if there is something I can do to correct my problems. I ran again today. First interval felt great. I ran at 5.0 for 1/10th of a mile and it felt awesome. I waited a LONG time, walking at a regular pace, before I tried to run again. The first .08 miles of the second interval were fine, but those last .02 put me into a tailspin of regret, concern and just plain anger. Seriously, I'm angry. I'm a runner at heart who is physically unable to run, and it's killing me mentally. Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but I'm honestly considering calling the doc for a consultation on the matter.

Second of all, I signed up yesterday for the Get Lucky 7k in Minnesota, which I will walk while RAVENSONG and MEZZOANGEL run their hearts out ahead of me. Yes, I'm sure you can hear the disappointment in my voice, but I'm trying to get over it. I never thought I'd still be in the same place after a year. I've come so far physically, lost a lot of weight and inches, am stronger than I've ever been, can walk much faster than I could when I started, but running just isn't in the cards for me. It's what's been holding me back from signing up for any races thus far, but for some reason I woke up yesterday and told myself I had to do another race, even if I walked every step, I had to do it.

The problem right now is figuring out how to get there without killing my bank account. I have a lot of research to do on rental cars and airfare, but I have a feeling I'm going to be mad at myself for a long time for spending money when I *should* be saving it for the wedding in July. I'll figure it out, but right now I'm stressing major over it.

Third, I spent most of the morning FINALLY putting up my non-Spark blog.

I don't know why, but I think I need to share my story with non-Sparkers too. It's not a complete page yet, and only has one post, but I hope it will help me focus my ramblings here into more concrete posts on this wacky, crazy year I'm giving myself. This is my own version of Eat, Pray, Love - just without the Italians and Indians and such. I want to see if I can accomplish something similar right here at home (or, at least, in the continental U.S.).

Finally, it's likely needless to say, but my workout today was disappointing. In addition to the hip issues, I also had to opt out of one of my ST workouts because I just couldn't do it, couldn't even attempt it -- pull ups. HA! No. Not happening. I'm smarter than that. I have enough problems right now without knocking myself out by literally crashing on the floor when I fail and pulling every muscle in my upper body while I'm at it.

This week has been crazy. TONS of work for me to do, mixed in with nearly day-long training. Plus, I've had to step in and help out since one of our longtime employees up and retired without giving us any notice and then left days later, likely never to return. *sigh* Now I'm home for four days, both of my sons have the flu (Ethan's on the last day, I think, while Logan just started), and even though the weather is nice I'm feeling stressed and down and just want to sleep with an icepack on my hip (or a bag of frozen corn, which is what's on it right now).

Feeling very blah. Still sticking to workouts and nutrition goals anyhow, but I'm not having an UP day...let's just put it that way. Maybe tomorrow will be better. *shrug*
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm glad to know you're thinking of going to the doctor. It is important to get a Dr.s advice as it has been going on for a while and there may be something that can fix it.
    3736 days ago
    I would definitely stop in to see what the doc has to say. Your health is important on your journey.
    3737 days ago
    FYI - I got fitted with running shoes just last month. It was a factor I had to eliminate...I did...they don't help. *shrug*

    Cher - Thanks girl. Yeah, I'll have to just stop running AGAIN. Seriously pisses me off, though. Seriously.
    3739 days ago
    I know what its like to not be able to do something you LOVE doing due to injury. I know that it's frustrating. Extremely frustrating. I totally get it Esther. However, I'm so happy to see that you are at least doing another race even if you have to walk the whole thing. I would recommend seeing a doctor for the hip thing but if that isn't possible right now due to finances, I'd recommend altering your workouts to something that doesn't irritate the problem. If walking is good, that's great! Lots of ST. Swimming if you have access to a pool. Boxing maybe? Cardio dvds. Yoga. OMG there are still LOTS of possibilities. Running is just one of LOTS.

    Esther keep your head held high. You can do this.
    3739 days ago
    Form and shoes might be playing a role, but if you have a good doctor, why not at least ask? Good luck!!!
    3739 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8301081
    Love your new picture. Praying your hip feels better soon. emoticon
    3740 days ago
    Run or jog, it doesn't matter...I just can't get past walk.
    3740 days ago
  • no profile photo CD3543611
    Rest up and if it continues to bug you, go see a doctor!
    3740 days ago
  • BECKYB73
    maybe you're skipping a step...walk...jog...run???
    3740 days ago
    I think you should go ahead and contact your doctor as you said. Hopefully he will steer you in the right direction. Till then try not to let it get you down - easier said than done I know. I know that you are a runner at heart and very soon you will be a runner in body and soul.

    Chin up :)
    3740 days ago
  • _SASX_
    ((HUGS)) hon. rest that hip for tonight. If you can, go see a dr. And what about getting a video of you running and see if you can send it to a coach via the web, who might look at it for free??
    3740 days ago
    That's another thought I've had and yet I have no running coaches around here (and no money to pay one) to ask. *sigh*
    3740 days ago
    This hip thing that's bugging you...could it be a matter of form? I'm thinking of JOHNTJ1's recent experience with foot pain while running - which was alleviated so quickly by a running coach. Pasting in here the link to his video blog about it...

    BR>Hoping so hard for you that you can work out the hip issue and continue to run...
    3740 days ago

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