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New Totals and Race Schedule for the year.....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am on the home stretch! Only 5 days left to go on my cleanse. I have really enjoyed this experience. Thanks to a good program where I actually get to eat and therefore do not feel starving all the time. There were some hard days but overall, I am so happy we did the program. I do not think I will make my overall goal of loosing 8 lbs on the program but that is ok as I have lost soooo much already this year. I mean think about this for a moment, since I started my 11 by 11 challenge back on November 1st, I have lost 25.4 lbs!!!!! That excites me so much, just over 25 lbs in 3.5 months!!! So I cannot complain that the weight loss has slowed down slightly. Over the past 5 days I lost .4 which is less than I was loosing but at least it is something! I only have 4 more lbs to go in order to reach my next goal.

All of this excites me so much. I am already thinner then my husband has ever seen me and we have been together since 1998. I really want to lean out ad much as possible over the next few months to get ready for my big races.

Here is my new race schedule. The biggest change is that we are flying to CA in September to do the Big Sur Trail Half Marathon! I cannot wait as this truly is a dream come true!

January - The Texas Half - Done!
March - Rock and Roll Marathon for the Cure, Dallas
April - The Big D Half Marathon, Dallas
May - White Rock Centennial Half Marsthon, Dallas
June - Rock and Roll Half Marathon, Seattle
August - The Hottest Half Marathon, Dallas
September - The Big Sur Half Marathon, Big Sur CA
October - The Houston Half Marathon, Houston
November - DRC Half Marathon, Dallas and the Seawall Half Marathon, Galveston
December - The Dallas White Rock Marathon!!!!! My first full Marathon! 26.2 for my Dad!

Here are my new totals for the year.....

Wellness totals for the year - Starting January 1st
Weight Loss - 13
Inches Lost - 7.75
Miles - 105.52

The Cleanse Program Totals - Starting February 1st
Weight Loss - 4.4 pounds
Inches Lost - 1.25
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