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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Well, I will tell you that I got all hot and sweaty and steamy with Hubs on Valentine's Day. Oh, now get your minds out of the gutters! We were at the gym! See, now don't you feel a little foolish? ;)

First of all, the eating report, because that's where I'm struggling right now.
I had my day all planned out. I had my smoothie for breakfast, but was still hungry at 9:30am. I was hoping it was a temporary thing as I shift my body from one schedule to another. Let me just say that my body, I have learned through this process, works best on a daily schedule. When I get off my schedule, I go a little crazy. Hunger really is a funny thing with me, because I can actually TRAIN my body to be hungry. Right now, my body gets hungry in the morning, then again at 9:30am, then around 11:30am, then again around 2 or 3, and finally once I'm home. The only adjustment I've done for months is to vary my later snacks according to hunger, frustration, and a need to provide fuel for the upcoming gym workout. But the reason my body gets hungry at those times is because it's used to getting food at those times. And that works best for me. If I skip a snack, I get a little ravenous later and go a little crazy like my self-control has completely flown the coop. So now that I'm trying to switch out that morning snack, my body is a little confused (could be a really good thing in terms of breaking a plateau). I can report that this morning I didn't get hungry right at 9:30am...it was a little later. I had a pear and settled the beast. But I can also say that today has been a little crazy because I was in training all morning and didn't get my lunch until super late. I'll need to monitor myself more closely all day just to make sure I don't get a little nutty.

Anyhow, back to yesterday. So I enter in all my food into my nutrition tracker, and just as I'm realizing that I'm hitting every single goal (including carbs) with my planned food for that day, my boss shows up...with chicken salad. *face/palm* It was so sweet, and yet annoying. I've been trying to get her to make me her famous chicken salad for years now, and the moment I think I've got this eating thing down again, then she shows up with the Holy Grail. *sigh* Isn't that generally how life works? I did it. I ate the chicken salad. 2 sandwiches, actually. And I had to physically stop myself from eating more. (I did, however, eat them on sandwich rounds, that really thin bread, you know?! So I guess that's a plus.)

After my workout, I planned to go home and make Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo, and once again, things fell apart. I was beat...I'll admit that. Training pours everything out of me and leaves me a shell of what I normally am with a regular schedule. Everything gets all screwy and my energy is completely zapped attempting to adjust to the changes in environment and timing. We considered going out to eat (at a buffet! OMG!) but ended up at home instead (so at least that's a win!) where I had 2 more chicken sandwiches. I only ate the second one because after the first, I felt like I needed more food. I started reaching for anything and everything - chips, cookies, crackers with peanut butter. I didn't care what. I wanted that full feeling. Hubs finally looked at me and said, "You'd probably do less damage if you just ate another sandwich." So I did. And then I was done for the night.

I did, however, drink a CRAPTON of water yesterday - so YAY for me there!

Now, onto the workout...

My Hot and Steamy Valentine's Day Workout:

Started with 6 minutes on the elliptical machine as a warm-up. (I'm noticing I need a little more of a warm-up than I used to need just to get my heart rate up a bit more. This, in itself, is progress!)

I have to say, I'm in week 3 of this training and, so far, I haven't gotten bored ONCE! Three weeks of eight! And I'm just looking forward to it every single night. I've come to love free weights and heavy weight lifting and strength training so much...I just can't forget to keep in my cardio workouts.

1) Dumbbell Presses

Source: weightlossandtraining.co

Target: 4 sets - reps: 20/12/10/8
Actual: 4 sets - reps: 20/12/10/8 - weight: 5/10/15/20

It was my first time pulling out the 20 pound dumbbell and I cannot even tell you how empowering that felt! It was also the first time I was able to convince Hubs to do work in on my exercises with me. When he saw me doing 20 pounds, he HAD to do it too. *lol* He's such a man!

2) One Arm Side Cable Laterals
(OMG! His poor arm became detached!! EEP! ;) )

Source: www.strongshape.com/

Target: 4 sets - reps: 20/14/12/10
Actual: 4 sets - reps: 20/14/12/10 - weight: 20/30/30/40

Last time (week 1) I did 4 sets - reps: 16/12/12/10 - weight: 20/25/30/35
I'm gonna call that improvement. I did it this time on the machine downstairs instead of the one upstairs. I was starting to max out upstairs on the smaller cable machine for some of my other workouts, so I figured I had better get used to this one now.

3) Reverse Dumbbell Wrist Curls

Source: www.leehayward.com/exerc

Target: 3 sets - reps: 16/14/14
Actual: 3 sets - reps: 16/14/14 - weight: 8/10/12

Now, the actual reps might be a little off. I did reach failure on these at the end. Problem was in the beginning I was trying to get some handle on how to get my arm on the bench in order to keep it steady enough to get the workout down right. The picture *I* had shows the person's arms straight out in front of them on the bench. Well, that doesn't exactly work right for me. One of the other gym regulars decided to come over and try to help us (me and Hubs) out with form too. "I'm a perfectionist," he said. I smiled. Me too. "Unless MY form is wrong," he laughed. "Then I don't want to hear it." *lol* He was friendly and was just trying to help. He didn't tell us we were wrong. In fact, he admitted he hadn't been able to find a proper placement yet that would allow him to maintain his form on these. We tried a few things, and it wasn't until I place my arm in front of me, but across my body making a slant (like / ) in order to keep my elbow out of play, isolate the right muscles, and keep my form in check. By the time we were done adjusting, I figured I had done about that number, but I can't be 100% sure. I don't think people do these enough, but I love them. I have some half-brained notion that they will help me last longer at a typing job where I risk carpal tunnel and other such injuries.

After our ST, I headed upstairs to meet my match. I knew I wouldn't likely have much time for a workout today and knew for sure I wasn't getting a gym workout (I have play practice after work), so I wanted to get a GOOD calorie-burning cardio workout in.

The Cross Country Setting.
I call it my nemesis and my best friend. It's evil and I love and hate that about it. I breathe so heavy. I want to quit 2 minutes in. The lowest settings feel fine, but then you go from the feeling of walking on sand, to wet sand, to mud, to attempting to climb out of a huge red clay mud pit. All changes in resistance. All evil. All enough to make me sweat like a hog on a spit.

At 5 minutes, I began bargaining my way out of doing the entire 30 minutes.
At 10 minutes, I told myself just 10 minutes more.
At 15 minutes, Hubs asked if I was done.
At 20 minutes, the kids started getting fiesty and wanted to leave.
At 25 minutes, Hubs was in awe, Ethan was in awe, I was out of breath!
At 30 minutes, I was triumphant!
And after 5 more, I was cooled down and exhausted and sore.

And here are the results.

And, yes, in the middle of an easier bit, I decided to take a picture of myself...and then was shocked at how tiny *I* looked!

So that's how I spent my Valentine's Day. How was yours? I did have 2 mini cookies. I'll freely admit that. I wasn't so fond of them, though... (I know, why 2 then? *sigh*) This morning the scale rewarded me. Today I'm trying to do a little better on my eating...I even brought some dinner since I won't be home in time to eat there like normal. NO FAST FOOD, Esther.

This morning I kept thinking how special last night was.
A V-Day not spent drowning my disappointment in chocolate.
A V-Day not spent arguing over money spent going out.
A V-Day spent in the gym doing good things for our bodies.
A V-Day when Hubs actually started listening to my training advice!
A V-Day when another regular started making conversation on the fly.
A V-Day that may have not gone as planned, but went better than I would have expected any year before 2011.

That, my dears, is true self-love.
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