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Taking a 24 Hour Spark (and probably total internet) Break

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Note - I will post my usual QOTD and GOYBAD video on the wolves' team thread, but I won't be reading replies, sparkmail, checking my friend feed or in any other way interracting with sparkpeople for the next 24 hours. HOPEFULLY that will give me enough time to calm down, get perspective, and not want to choke people.

Right now...I can't even read the sparkmail I just received, much less trust myself to respond to it in any kind of productive manner. I *can't* talk to you right now. I'm just too angry.

I tried to take it out on the treadmill. Epic fail - I simply spent those 45 minutes composing blogs and angry e-mail responses in my head. Even stupid ex-girlfriend drama on the interwebz (yes, I'm pointing and laughing) wasn't enough to distract me for more than the time it took to figure it out. So it's obvious to me I need to back away for a bit. Because this SHOULD NOT have derailed my entire f*cking Sunday.

Never fear, sparkfriends - I am NOT going into any kind of binge, and you'll note I DID make it to the gym today. And I'll keep making good choices, promise. But I need to shake this off so I can deal with the situation productively - and the only way I can do that is get a little distance from it. I'll be back soon, and with my usual bounce and enthusiasm.

** Updated at 2:17 AM Monday Morning

Apparently work was the distraction I needed.
(Who knew? It's actually GOOD for something!)

Still shaking it off, still giving myself a little time to make sure I'm clear-headed before I make any decisions or send any responses. But my disappointment/disgust/disallu
sionment in general seems to have abated for now. TRULY sorry if I worried anybody or if anybody thought this was directed at them (pets my fellow wolves - we're all good, promise) - this was in reaction to a very specific situation that I'm hoping to have resolved in the next 24 hours (actually, it's mostly resolved already, now I just have to decide how *I* feel about things and where to go from here).

See? It really generally doesn't take too long for me to bounce back - I prefer myself when I'm happy/bouncy/friendly/enthusia
stic/positive, and just can't maintain a funk for long.

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