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You want bread with that?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I have been taking a bread making class. Some of it was too fill up my schedule, as I get bored at home all alone and then slack on the couch eating. Some of it was because I am always interested in learning new things. Some of it was because I wanted to be able to make bread from scratch, since bread prices are getting up there lately.
But here is the complication. Now I am overrun with bread. Luckily the class is only a couple more days (next wed/thurs), but I have too much bread. And it isn't low-cal, don't really want to eat it cuz' it has no taste kinda bread. This is GOOD bread.
First day we made pita's, second day: white sandwich bread, third day: challah bread (made french toast with that this morning...YUM), fourth day: ciabatta bread...one of my favorites. The ciabatta made 2 loaves. I have taken some to work to have coworkers piece on the food, but the majority of the eating has been done by my husband and I.
and it is soooooo GOOD. We take the ciabatta and dip it in olive oil and balsamic vinigar with some parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. MMMMMmmmMMMMMmmmmmmm.....

I hope to adapt the recipes to make them healthier, use more whole wheat in the breads (though I can't substitute all the white flour with wheat flour). The rising properties are different and we have a whole different set of directions to follow (or so my teacher says...and those techniques/rules, I haven't learned).
We still have the majority of one loaf of ciabatta bread in the kitchen. The in-laws were going to get it, but they cancelled their plans with us last minute, even though they were the ones who set the whole thing up ;).

Oh well, they will never know the taste of my awesome home-made bread. I would post pictures, but they are only on my phone and I have no idea how to do those transfers.

I will try to update you on the status of my breadmaking expertise. The next two classes are about sourdough. OH MY FREAKING DELICIOUS! I can already tell I will have enough dough to make at least 2 loaves (as I have the sourdough starter that I have been feeding has grown large enough I am having to divide it into multiple bowls). I'm not sure who at this point will recieve some of the donated bread...

...Bread anyone?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Making your own bread is an awesome skill to have. I love making bread, though I use my bread machine :) Enjoying your new found skills is perfectly okay, as long as you remember to enjoy in moderation. Also kudos for trying something new and exciting to expand your horizons.
    3548 days ago
    There is NOTHING like fresh baked bread,hot out of the oven with butter. Fresh baked cinnamon rolls,etc, etc. One of my big downfalls. Baking with wheat flour does take another whole nother set of rules. I've been baking bread for years and am still working on getting wheat break right. emoticon
    3556 days ago
    MMM. I love bread!
    On transferring pix from your phone: If you have text messaging or photo messaging on your plan, you can send the photo to an email. Just have the picture open on your phone, and look for the send option. You should be given a choice of sending to a phone # you select or to an email. Just enter your email and it will appear in your email shortly! This is basically what i have been able to do on Verizon with 2 different phones with cameras. Verizon also has an online photo gallery that you can sign up for and transfer your camera photos to, then log in from your computer and download. I don't know how it works with other providers, but I believe they have something similar.
    You can also try going in to your provider's office. They should have a cable that attaches your phone to a computer there--they might be helpful there.
    3575 days ago
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