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So much to say! Wow. Progress is being made everywhere.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Hello all!!! I lost my nudgers. lol. But that is all fine. Got a friend who periodically nudges me. She is having surgery next week, so she isn't to thrilled right now. Feel bad for her. She usually is on top of my like salsa on a tortilla chip. lol So that being said, I am going to prove that I can do this even if she isn't up to the nudging. lol.

This same girl went to my endocrinologist with me yesterday. Was nice, especially since my accident my memory is not as sharp. She remembered something I couldn't so I could tell my dear hubby. Doctor is giving me a script for some nasal cream thing that will aid in clearing my insulin pump infections. So that was a plus. To boot...brace yourselves. Since the doctor last seen me, now mind you this is the one on me about all the weight I gained since the accident, I lost....drum roll 2.5 lbs!!!! Yay me. Ohhhhh it gets better. My hemoglobin A1c (an average percentage of what your blood sugars have ran for the last 3 months, for those unaware) went from a horrible 8 to a 7.2!!!!! I am making progress!!

It gets better. Yay. Last weeks weigh in 153.4lbs, 41.4 body fat, 42.7 hydration. This week 153 lbs, 40.3 body fat, 43.5 hydration. Finally. I'm showing the progress.

Those of you that remember my struggle with my extremely close family member. Yeah still not talking. But I wrote a letter 3 weeks ago to get some money she was holding. Finally got a response, got my money and a devasting letter that killed my core. But it is ok. She just point blanked me how she felt about things all around my life. ok. I can't fix a lot of that now...so I must move on. Be sorry and go on. Needless to say though, the money as soon as it is in, it is out to help get medical records. Sigh that part I can't win for losing. Was hoping to help keep us above water. We will and can still be ok. Sigh Hubby got a small raise after 2 years, but all helps. Yay hubby.

I had hubby download me 3 games for the Wii. Zumba, We cheer (thought I couldn't get Just Dance and this counts calories lol), and Just dance. Not sure if the last two are version 1 or 2 but still nice to have. I plan on trying Zumba and maybe we cheer today. I just want to be sure 1 they work, and 2 I get some exercise in today. God help me. lol

On the down side of how my progress has gone, I gave up the Spark challenge for the diabetes now. I just am not motivated or strong enough to prove to myself I can do it. I am going to keep all the goals in mind though and surely stick with the goals I set there. They suggest 3 15 minute strength videos or something a week and 3 cardio. You were also supposed to set some goals of your own. I am really bad at sugar checking when hubby isn't around and I don't have to go anywhere so I promised I would at least once a day, and I will. I am already seeing minor improvement here. I said I would drink more water...hmmm got to work on this tea doesn't count. lol.

My Appetite Avengers team is moving along this month. All goals were set for the team as of 1/31. I slacked and now I am going to work on proving I am strong and can do more than lead and encourage. That is this months goal for myself. I am not just I leader, I am a doer also.

As a side note, I have 2 sweaters finished for my Ozzy, another half done, AND, I am now working on a blanket for me and hubby. I am still reading. Reading Play Dead by Harlan Coben.

Once again I am proud of myself. Next blog maybe I will have some sort of streak going. lol
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    Glad you got your money back. Too bad for your family member she can't see the forest for the trees. Keep up the good work here though
    3579 days ago
    That is great progress! And take any little success as you get it. I'm proud of what you've been doing without any nudging (I've been absent lately, but I'll continute to be a little bug in your ear).

    Hope to hear about more successes soon!!!

    emoticon emoticon
    3579 days ago

    Can't say how happy I am to hear your progress/good news in this blog. We miss hearing from you in Pain into Gain, but I know that I have difficulty keeping up with more than one group, so my priority is our PIG group since I am the leader. We are on an exercise streak and I got off to bad start, being 3 days behind most that keep us posted on the group, but now I'm moving it!

    We have lots and lots of snow today. I HAD to get out in it twice today for work reasons, but I'm not going to fight it again to go to the gym. However, I promise myself that I am going to get in a minimum of 30 minutes PT today. I have to keep up my streak for my own good.

    On these cold snowy days I love to cook so I made myself some low-calorie peanut butter cookies (or at least lower calorie as I substituted artificial white sugar in the recipe for real sugar). They taste really good. Now to limit my intake of them today. They made a small batch so can't pig out on them forever and hubby ate some of them. I didn't dare tell him I used substitute sugar in them or he wouldn't have even put them to his lips let alone eat them. LOL

    Always good to hear from you and especially when you have good news to share. But glad you feel like sharing both good and not so good things with your friends here at SP. I feel badly for you and the family situation, but this too shall pass. You did what you had to do. Meeting medical expenses is very difficult for me on Social Security and no insurance, so I understand it must be horrible for you in your fight right now. Wishing you strength as you deal with all this.

    Keep on moving and progressing. You can and will do this. I know you can!

    3579 days ago
    Ginette I'm so proud of you! Your numbers are certainly moving in the right direction!! I know once you start your streak again you will see even more positive results :) Let me know how Just Dance is for the Wii...I know you'll enjoy Zumba. Glad also to see that you are continuing to move on with your family troubles. I can't imagine what you are going through, but know that you are one of the strongest people I've met. You can do whatever you set your mind to. Can't wait to see you more on the Avengers boards...it's been quiet there but I know our small but mighty team will keep chugging away! Keep up the fantastic work!!!
    3579 days ago
    So glad you are seeing progress! That is a great pat on the back!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3579 days ago
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