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Race has been chosen…

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

It’s been a bit since I’ve actually blogged, but I’ve been a bit busy training and trying to
be a good Sparkfriend by reading blogs and posting on others pages.

When we last chatted, I discussed that I was going to be training for an undisclosed
marathon. There were several reasons for not choosing a race from the start. The race that
I truly wanted to run, the Navy Marathon, has never committed to becoming a reality. I
would have ran this race in honor of my father, his service and all of our current service-
people; God bless them. But, alas, it’s not meant to be.

The second thing that kept me from committing to a race was illness. I was down for the
count with a serious sinus infection that wouldn’t allow me to train for the first couple
weeks of the training plan. Illness is on the run (other than another ear infection, UGH!)
and so am I.

Looking at the schedule for races I knew that I couldn’t make a race too early into May
or I’d have to rush training and possibly risk injury. Choosing a date would also have to
contend with another schedule; DD’s volleyball.

After much speculation and reviewing training schedules, race websites and personal
reflection I settled on a date; May 14th or 15th. There were many races to choose from
for that date, but I wanted to make it a destination event and see some new scenery. I
narrowed my results to a race in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada and the Chicagoland race
outside of Chicago; as I said…looking for a destination.

I settled on going to CANADA! It was partially a no-brainer. It’s an hour closer drive
time and the race seems to be organized more to my liking. For starters there are aid
stations every 2KM (1.1 miles); I felt this might be beneficial for a long race. It’s a point
to point, so we’ll start downtown, but finish right on the water of Lake Ontario; might
even jump right in! Another reason; never been to the Toronto metro area. I’m hoping to
make it to see the CN Tower and conquer my fear of heights by going to the top. Flying I
have no trouble with; looking down from a building will be the challenge.

So, I’ve committed verbally and physically to this challenge, but I need to commit
financially so that I’m vested 100% into the cause. Rates go up tomorrow, February
3rd, but I currently need another pair of shoes to train in. So, I’ll ride out the storm and
register before the next price increase.

I guess I need to practice my ‘eh’s, spelling things with the “er” reversed and adding a ‘u’
to other words. LOL

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