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January Recap/February Goals

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Well, I had a much more interesting blog in my head for today when I was thinking about it yesterday, but stress at home has caused that to go completely out the window. I'll just say that it's Hubs' & I's 9th anniversary. I adore him, but sometimes we have arguments over the stupidest, childish things. I guess we both still have some growing up to do.

Anyhow, onto the recap and such.

I wrote at the end of December about my goals for the first part of the year - January through March. I've broken the whole year into 4 sets of 3 months like this... The best part about this plan so far is that even if I have a bad month (like January), I feel like there's still time to make things happen. Let's see how I'm progressing, shall we?

This poster is taped to the door of my office so I see it as I leave.

1. Log 90 Miles (equals one mile a day)

In January, I got in about 26 miles on the treadmill, walking, and treadmill combined. I didn't log it all and need to get much better at that.

Left to log: 64 mile
I better get crackin' on that one!

2. Lose 20 Pounds

Ha! In January I lost...wait for it...NOTHING! Actually, I gained .2 pounds. I weighed in on February 1st at 331.0 pounds. (On January 2nd it was 330.8.) And today it was back up to 333 again. *face/palm* But I'm starting a new ST program that's really working my muscles, so at least I have a reason for the gain other than "eating like crap." In January, I didn't work out like I should have. I fell back into my sweet tooth in Vegas and brought it home with me...it's something I'm still trying to break again, leaving sweets for special occasions and finding healthier alternatives to curb any cravings I might have. I am proud to say that I wanted something sweet last night, and I saw a 1lb. bag of peanut M&Ms the Hubs had bought sitting in front of me on the coffee table. I didn't touch them. I made some chamomile tea with a packet of Truvia and enjoyed it immensely!

Left for Feb/Mar: 20.2 pounds. *face/palm*
I'm getting the eating back on track, and I've just started this new ST program. Plus, the boxing lesson at the end of the month lit a fire under my butt again. I'm so excited to be building a stronger body again! I can already see changes in my body after just 3 days!

3. Complete Couch 2 5k Program

HA! Yeah, my hip had it out for me. I haven't run for...well, I don't think I've been able to run all year, even after Hubs bought me top-of-the-line running shoes to help with my problems. I've made a promise to myself that if I get through 1-2 full weeks of ST, including work on my hip, I will be able to try to run again. Unfortunately, though, I'll probably be starting at week 1 once again. *sigh* Honestly, I miss running. Miss it something awful. But instead of dwelling on the can't, I'm refocusing myself on the CANs. I'm boxing. I'm ST like a mo-fo. I will do what I can and, when my body is ready, we will try to run again.

Left for Feb/Mar: The entire program.

4. Finish 2 Races

Because of my failure with running, I've been too worried about signing up for anything right now. I have to get my body right first. Plus, I'm trying to get our finances in order, and blowing 30 bucks on a race that will only disappoint me because I can't run and could only MAYBE PR my walking times is not an ideal expenditure right now. This will have to wait. I'm still on the fence about the whole racing thing until I can run...

Left for Feb/Mar: 2/2 races

5. Complete 30 Day Shred

Let's face it. I haven't touched this DVD since last year. My goal was to do more ST, though, and this new 8-week program certainly has THAT going for it. I've been sore since Sunday, and I have another session tonight before I get to rest tomorrow. I'm not sure how sore is too sore, but I'm just going through it the best I can. I need a good full 2-3 weeks of this before I can judge whether it's right for me or not. I would love to finish the whole 8-week program, which will take me into March. If that happens, this goal will NOT be completed. I can't see adding any more to the difficult weight lifting I've got scheduled.

Left for Feb/Mar: The entire 30 days.
I'm okay with that. If I can finish the 8-week program, that will be a wonderful substitute for the 30 Day Shred goal.

6. Finish "Winning After Losing"

Ha! I haven't touched it all year. Like I said, my head wasn't right all month. I have been pulling it out of my bag more often, though...so that might lead to something. I really want to finish reading it, but right now I'm caught up in Ellen Burstyn's "Lessons in Becoming Myself" which is just as inspiring, especially considering my upcoming theatre adventure. I feel like I'm learning something. I feel like I'm getting something spiritual and moving out of it. And I still have 2 months to finish the other book. Totally doable.

Left for Feb/Mar: 193 pages
Totally doable. I'm not too worried, but I have to remind myself of this goal.

7. Read 3 Books (including 1 for research)

I'm on my 3rd book now, and my first two books were in child's voice (with a child narrator), which can count toward the research goal. The story I'm writing also has a child narrator, so that was a goal of mine to study that. I still want to try to get to a book on the abilities my little girl has to help develop some of the things I just don't know about her that I need to know before I can inhabit her and speak from her POV.

Left for Feb/Mar: Finish Burstyn book and find real research book
I have a few in mind already...watching the finances though and going to find a lower price point.

8. Do 1-minute plank

HA! With this ST program, the thought of doing a plank this minute is SCARY! I had worked my way up to 50 seconds though, so I'm nearly there...and just because I'm not planking doesn't mean I'm not working those muscles, because I KNOW I am! I'll try to do one a week, though, and see if I can't hit that minute mark.

Left for Feb/Mar: 10 seconds
Totally doable.

9. Log 3,900 Fitness Minutes

For January I logged 1,620 minutes (if I'm calculating correctly). I needed 1300 to still be on task, so I'm over that and happy! :) (Let's hope Spark sees it that way! *lol*) It's about 300 minutes a week, which is what my insurance program shoots for, some sort of standard for how much fitness we should ALL be getting.

Left for Feb/Mar: 2280 (That's at least 1140 for each)
I'm good. I'm happy. I WILL hit this goal.

10. Attend 20 Zumba classes

HA! With all the traveling and the head nonsense, I think I've done a total of like 3 classes, and one of those was last night, so that doesn't even count for January. I did, however, pull out some Zumba moves on the dance floor in Vegas! *lol*

Left for Feb/Mar: 18 (not including last night's because it counts toward February)
I'm not even sure that's doable, but I'm not worried since I'm adding in other stuff, like boxing. Still, I wonder if I should get some of the home DVDs or the game for the Kinect, so I don't have the "there's no class" excuse anymore!

11. Fit into size 24 jeans

Okay, so I can fit into some 24s. I haven't tried the ones on my door recently because I've been too scared. *sigh* We'll have to check them soon. Maybe mid-February. I do know that none of my old pants really fit anymore. Even my 26s are getting uncomfortable now and again. And, yes, I do own one pair of size 24 jeans and I have worn them out in public (I did in Vegas even) and felt good about myself! Not calling this met yet...almost, but not yet.

Left for Feb/Mar: Feel secure enough to say YES! and fit into the door 24s
I think I certainly will if I keep up this routine, because I'm building major muscle, which should melt major fat eventually.

As far as measurements go...don't get excited.
My waist went up an inch.
My hips went up an inch.
My thigh stayed the same
My upper arm went down .75 inches! *lol* (Probably in the last 3 days!)
My neck stayed the same.
My calf stayed the same.
And my body fat % went up a tiny bit, as I remember at the end of the year I was SO happy to be more than half FFM (fat-free mass) and the last appointment I had with the PT in January had me just over 50% body fat.

But I know what I did wrong, and I've already made steps to correct that.

Specific goals for February:

emoticon Be under 330 pounds.
I'd like to be around 325, if possible.

emoticon Lose some dang inches!
I need the hips and waist to go down...and I'm loving the arm loss and would like to see more of that. And the legs too! You can decrease those too! Oh, heck! Just take all the fat and leave me with a svelte, sexy, muscular body, mmmkaythanks! ;)

emoticon LOG!
I seriously MUST get back into the habit of logging everything. Doing good so far...keep it up!

emoticon Get 12 glasses of water a day.
Let's face it, I got out of the habit of drinking water completely (stupid winter!). I'm getting back at it and drank a TON of water yesterday. Going to try to get myself to 12 glasses a day AT LEAST. Later I'll work on matching every cup of coffee or caffine-laden drink with another glass of water as well.

emoticon Start cooking at home again.
Seriously, batch cooking is my best friend! I started cooking more again this week, but it's been so hard to do it every night after 10 hours working and then nearly 2 hours at the gym. Only upside? I crash HARD at night and sleep well for about 5-6 hours. The past 2 days I've been up at 5am (though I went back to sleep yesterday and then overslept...didn't pull that stunt again this morning, though!).

emoticon Boxing practice at least 1x/wk
I need to make sure I don't forget anything, so I'm adding in a rotation of punching on the bags once a week until my next lesson on February 26th. (I'm so excited already!! But, oh crap, I just got scared that I'll still be this sore and the whole day will be a wash because of it...poop. Ah...time will tell!)

emoticon Get ready for Spring!
That means walking on the treadmill to increase my speed for hiking adventures and rowing on the rowing machine so I can take a few trips out on the lake this summer. I gotta make sure I focus myself in areas that will help me not only obtain my fitness/weight-loss goals, but will set me up for future success with the many adventures I have planned out in my head.

And, last but not least, I will leave you with the best thing I did in January...

It's my new vision wall. The last thing that greets me as I leave every day is "Make Yourself PROUD" and "What Are You Made Of?" I always want to prove that to myself at the gym after work.

(HA! You thought it was going to be another Vegas pic, didn't you?)

Oh, and I'll give you this too...a pic of the old/new hair so you can compare.



Oh-em-gee, it looks so different and beautiful! ....not! Nobody noticed.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    oh em gee!! You took a direct face photo :D it looks fabulous, dahlink!


    I know that you're disappointed with your goals, but, like you said--you know what you did and what you've got left to do... Nothin to it but to do it :)
    3744 days ago
    Love the goals you have set for yourself! Even if you can't check off all of them off in March, it will feel good to check many of them off and reflect on what you DID do! I love your idea of matching glasses of water to tea/coffee. that is a weakness for me - i think i may make it my goal as well. keep up the good work! A one minute plank is something to be proud of! emoticon
    3744 days ago
    I love the hair!!! :)

    I absolutely love your commitment to putting all your goals right in front of you... Awesome... I think I need to take a page from your playbook!!!

    Go E!!!!
    3744 days ago
    True confession time: I tried to make a plan based on things I've seen in yours (but modified for me) and just stalled. I'm going to try again and I'll use this post as a guidelines.

    You are doing great and I'm in awe and inspired by you. Keep it up, my friend!
    3744 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7658463
    3745 days ago
    you know im a HUGE believer in those things :P
    3745 days ago
  • MAIA2011
    I want to read the blog that you had in your head. This one totally tanked.


    Nice job on the fitness minutes! I like it that you make being an athlete top priority!


    I noticed the haircut. That's why I copied it.

    3745 days ago
    Fantastic post. Got a lot of inspiration from it. Thank you

    3745 days ago
    The hip thing threw you off, but by a) having these goals and b) refocusing on them, you are much closer to them than you would have been otherwise- trust that! Don't be too hard on self and instead cherrish what you did do!

    No one noticed your hair? Really?

    It looks great.
    3745 days ago
    I love all your goals! You'll make them - you won't let it be any other way, ha ha!
    3745 days ago
  • MAGSA10
    emoticon Okay, so you didn't do what you wanted. But is sounds like you have seen the errors of your ways and a change is coming or already has arrived. emoticon

    Love the pictures, you can't really tell me that no one notice nothing different about your hair, well than you need to tell them to get glasses. I can see several differences in it and it looks great. Make sure the next time you ask someone, they aren't blind. Have a great day and stay strong and keep on Sparking.

    Maggie j. emoticon
    3745 days ago
    I can't tell you enough how much you inspire me!

    3745 days ago
    OM - I think it might just be a strange angle. Since when did my jaw become so dang pointy? Love that the new pic doesn't show a nice big zit on my pointy chin, tho! *lol*
    3745 days ago
    Your face is just beautiful. You can totally see a difference. Pshh - Feb will be awesome. You'll bust it out :)

    And Happy Anniversary!!!!
    3745 days ago
  • KEN1965
    Making mid term goals like this is a graet idea. emoticon
    3745 days ago
    Your face has thinned out SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, I know you are proud of yourself :D Rock it, chickie!

    I haven't run since it got cold out.. I miss it too!
    3745 days ago
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