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Ok So....At What Cost?

Monday, January 31, 2011

As my ds would say awwww maaaan! Some may already know because I have posted this several places today - that I am 37 minutes away from getting my FIRST ever Spark 1000 Fitness Points for the Month of January!!!
emoticon emoticonright? Yea whatever LOL
At what cost for me??? Well, I AM going to do Walk It Out right now for 40 mins at a slow pace why?? My body has said ok ENOUGH lol
Fibro is yelling at me and Arthritis hit me LOL
I'm aching and my knees are swelling! So I will taste this award once and NOT go for it again for a while LOL
So my January reflections is to do what I can and what I can do is more than ENOUGH for me :-)
Kudos to those that can do 1000 or more but I shall gracefully bow out of that race from now on LOL

Luv ya Sparkies!!
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