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completed one month :) without junk food :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I did it, I made it through the month without any junk food. It is the longest time, I have been without junk food. Today ( 31/1/2011) is my treat day, I had a streets magnum ego , it is vanilla ice cream on a stick covered with a layer of chocolate, caramel and then chocolate.
It was sickly rich and after wards I felt sick and bloated and made my mouth taste all funny. I had to wash it down with mouthfuls of water.
Magnum's used to be my favourite ice cream. Last summer, most days I would have one, without fail and loved it. I never ever, want to have another one ever again! I thought I would enjoy the taste, seeings I have been craving Junk food so badly. After that ice cream, i found that I craved healthy foods, I longed to have a fruit salad instead.
Looks like, for my treat day I am going to look for something else to treat myself with other then junk food treats. Seems I am weaning myself of Junk food, which is a good thing considering how I used to eat junk food was not good.

I am still thinking, that by the end of the year It is not going to do anything to my body, eating healthy won't help me lose weight and that with my health i can not exercise as much and I won't see any changes. I am cutting quiet a lot out of what i used to eat, so I would have to see some changes? I feel like I am slowly starting to see some changes now. I brought myself A size 10 pair of pants thinking I am only fitting into them, because they are stretchy material. Even they are sort of falling of me. I just think i can not be losing that much weight, I just have a strange body type, even a size 16 fall of me. I buy clothing and after a week, they really don't fit that well. I find I have to keep holding my pants up. I guess, it must be just my body size. Not that I am losing weight.

If I can do one month, I am sure I can and Will do another 11 months, just take it one step at a time. I will get there. If I can do it, you can do it . I never thought i would come this far and glad that I have and will continue going on this road.:) I am not going to give in
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