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German Chocolate Cake

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yesterday at the Spark Meet-up, I had a lot of fun :) I didn't see as many sparkers as I had hoped but I had a lot of good conversation! Plus, I got a good recommendation for a sports bra that I'm going to try out... (the link is still on my front page if you're curious).

The coolest thing was the discount that was arranged... 30% off! So, I shopped the clearance racks that were already 60% off and then had an additional 30% taken off... I ended up SAVING $135 and only spent $66. I got a new pair of work-appropriate jeans, 1 new t-shirt, 1 new button-down (for work) and 7 new pair of undies. I had scouted out these purchases when Jeff, Michael and I went to MOA last weekend and it racked up to over $200... I had walked away from that sale because it just disgusted me. But, 66? Heck yes. I'll take it.

I'm doing a lot of carby/sugary eating today and not nearly enough veggie nomming. I had a banana this morning.. then my cereal (so far so good).. then my cube-mate brought in german chocolate cake (so I had some of that).. then I was hungry so I had a cracker stack (200 cals).. then it was lunch time so I had 1/2 salad (then realized I was filled up on crackers).. then they were talking about how there was still cake there (and it was SO good!) so I had another (still small) piece of that.

The volunteer banquet is tonight and although I still don't know the menu, I'm determined to make healthy (ier) choices. My stomach is already roiling and yelling at me for today's foibles.


Don't get me wrong--I'm not mad that I ate cake. There's no emotion really attached to that (I love cake, and I'm tired and not trying to eat healthy at the moment because I'm being lazy). The decision to eat healthier at dinner is purely for the physical benefit and not out of guilt for over-indulging. In that, I think it's a victory. The more I can remove emotions from my food choices, the better (I'm sure) my food choices will be.

On a random note: I really miss Jeff this week :( our schedules have not been meshing at all and it seems like the only time I've seen him is when we're sleeping. No really--drool and snoring sleeping. I go to bed at 9, he doesn't go to bed until 10-11. I get up at 5ish and he doesn't get up until 8. It's been sucky :(

Last night, though--I asked him on a date. I'm thinking Saturday I'll go to Zumba in the a.m. to get some cardio, then we can meet up and go to the Winter Carnival. Spend the afternoon there, then go to a movie/dinner. Maybe I'm dreaming, maybe not, but I'm determined to get some Jeff-time in :)

OMG--look at all the fun stuff to do at the Winter Carnival!! I've never been and I'm so excited to go :) Check it out and leave a comment as to which activities YOU would go to if you could go.. Maybe I'll check it out and take pics.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ross and I are stuck in the same schedule to- I go to bed at 10 pm, he falls asleep on the couch then drags himself to bed around 3 am. I'll working my way through your posts (it's been a while, no? :p) so I know you had a wonderful date night. Good idea. :)
    3833 days ago
    Have a great date night Megs!!!!
    3835 days ago
    aww a date! :) I should ask Mike on a date...lol. We need one. sheesh!

    and it's great taht you're trying to remove emotions from eating... I need to work on that too! Keep up the great work!!
    3837 days ago
    Awesome deal shopping at LB!!
    Great that you are not beating yourself up over the cake and are going to have a good dinner.
    Have fun at the Winter Carnival. I used to go when I was a kid with my grandparents. I really need to get out there this year.

    3837 days ago
    Ahhh I think a date sounds great!! Hope you make it a great one!
    3837 days ago
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