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Snowshoes, Kettlebells and Beautiful Woman Awards

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I think I'm going to try snowshoeing next weekish sometime. The fitness center has 4-5 pairs and Ramon showed me how they work today so that might not be a bad idea. MAYBE he'll let me check a pair out for a weekend??? You never know.. Probably not, but y'know. Does anyone know if you can *rent* snowshoes anywhere...? Just an idle thought.

I made it to Kettlebell circuit training this morning. It was really intense!! There was one move that Ramon calls a "get up" where you lay on your back with one knee bent, the other leg straight. Using the same side in your arms as you do in your legs, you lift a kettlebell straight up into the air. So, if your knee is up on the right, so is your arm. Anyway, then you lean on your left elbow and contract your abs to partially sit up, then you put your palm completely on the ground to support yourself, lift your hips off the ground, swing your straight leg back behind you then stand straight up into a static lunge. Then reverse it. I could only do about 4 in 1 minute with the amount of weight he had me using it. It was RIDICULOUS.

The next station was a Kettlebell Swing. It's exactly what it sounds like. You stand with a wide stance in a partial squat, the kettlebell held with both hands dangling in the space between your shins. Using your leg muscles (not your back) stand, and let the kettlebell swing. Immediately drop back down, the kettlebell swings a little past the starting (neutral) position. Build up momentum and continue 'swinging' for one minute. Do *not* lift/swing with your back. My heart-rate RACES during this move. I could only do 30 seconds at a time this morning because I was so freakin exhausted. I'd swing, swing, swing and then feel like I just wanted to quit.. set the kettlebell down, breathe once, then pick it up and swing swing swing again.

The station after this was a standing row w/ the 45lb bar + 2 5lb weights. That was difficult. By the 4th circuit, my forearms were getting sore and so I switched to a tricep press with a 25lb weight. One thing that I really noticed on this exercise is that my back is so arched :( You're supposed to bend at the hips and keep your back 'flat' I looked in the mirror and though I *felt* like my back was straight, it was so hunched :( :( :( I really need to work on my posture.

The last station was a single-leg squat on a bosu ball while gripping a mid-weight kettlebell. Holy opposite challenge, batman. I used to do bosu training and so my center of gravity and balance is pretty well known for me. At least... it used to be. The first time balancing on my left leg left me wobbling for 45 seconds. I couldn't do a single squat. On the right, I could do a few in succession. The bad thing about the right, though, is that I could "feel the burn" in the arch of my foot within 30 seconds. That prompted Ramon to inspect then confirm a defficiency. The strength in my right foot, while far superior to the strength in my left, is not as strong as it should be for a person of my size. Instead of going out and buying new shoes, though, Ramon suggested strengthening the foot muscles themselves instead of giving them a new crutch. He likened it to the old weight belts that are no longer used... People stopped using them because it's preferable to have your core support you, not a belt. He says it's the same basic theory here. He "prescribed" 3 sets of 15 bare-foot single-leg calf raises on a platform every day. I made it through one set before my feet (not to mention my calves) were burning. Overall it was a great workout and even though I started off WAY too tired, I was awake, alert and rarin' to go for the rest of the day.


So, I just got the e-mail forwarded from Coach Jen that put the kabash on the "beautiful woman" awards thing that's going around right now. What really sucks is that it was *such* a nice way to start my day this morning by logging in and seeing a sweet comment and then being able to pay it forward to other sparkers. When I got the cease and desist notification I felt so deflated! I know it's not a -big- deal--it's just a forward, really, and not 'sincere' but I just thought that if I could make someone else feel a little spark this morning the way that I did then it was worthwhile. I mean, really, it's no different than the Goodies Gone Wild or any other 'spread the love' ideas.

I don't know.. I just wanted to vent a little because I was disappointed. *shrug*

Do any of you feel the same? Different? Indifferent? Leave me a comment below to let me know.
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    Aieee, that workout sounds very difficult! I wonder if you were feeling tightness in your plantar fascia, and if so, I'm interested in those exercises Ramon prescribed for you. Snowshoeing sounds like fun! I don't know about Theodore Wirth (I still have never been there), but I know Lebanon Hills is really big and beautiful. My mom likes to walk there all year round, and I've joined her many times and loved it. You'll have to keep us posted on how it goes when you try it! I'm sorry you felt deflated and defeated after getting the Coach Jen email--your intentions were good and that's what counts! It sucks to feel like you're brightening peoples' days and then realize it was the exact opposite. :(

    emoticon emoticon
    3838 days ago
    Where are you doing this kettlebell workout at?? I have always wanted to do a kettlebell class because they are intense!! I need to buy some so I can do my Jillian DVD. Anyways..what a great start to your Tuesday morning!

    And personally, I didn't like the forward. I don't like getting them in my inbox and I didn't like having it on my page. But that's just me!
    3838 days ago
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    I know you can rent snowshoes at Afton State Park. If you go to the MN dnr website you should be able to look up the others that you can rent at. You can also rent at the ones Shannon said (obv) and at REI. And possibly midwest mountaineering.

    And I guess the reason I'm glad the forwards are discouraged is because they are not genuine and they wind up taking up the very small comment section people have at the bottom of their page. I mean, I think there is a difference between, "Hey, go tell your team mates how much you love them." and a generic little blurb, no matter if it's true or not. Because when you go leave a comment on a teammate's page, you're still writing it yourself. But that's just me =P
    3839 days ago

    Comment edited on: 1/25/2011 8:20:02 PM
    I was actually relieved by the "cease and desist notification" (fun wording!). It was a sweet sentiment but I don't like forwards - I don't like how the source is never given credit, I don't like the pressure to pass them along, I don't really like anything about them.

    Your kettlebell workout sounds amazing - I've never tried it!
    3839 days ago
    I know you can rent snowshoes at lebanon hills (kind of of a hike from you) and theodore wirth park (much closer)...I like TW park--lots of room to roam!
    3839 days ago
    I think you could forward it without saying pass on to xxx people or see how many people send it back to see how beautiful you REALLY are....

    I think you are beautiful... and gorgeous... and funny... and terrific! There is my own award for you
    3839 days ago
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