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"Is that DIET food?" Ugh, I hate the food police! ;)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Okay, so I absolutely love love love my job, (the job itself). I'm a dispatcher, I love it, I'm good at it, the deputies heart me and I heart them... I take pride in being able to help them with everyday stuff, but more importantly I enjoy being able to provide them help in the time of an emergency. BUT I CAN NOT STAND 99% OF MY COWORKERS! Oy!! They are the biggest, most nosey group of back stabbers I've ever met. Luckily the way my job is designed, I can sit here, do my stuff and more or less keep to myself. Thank goodness for that!

I work 12 hour days, so I'm eating lunch and dinner at work. They go get fast food everyday (as we aren't allowed to leave on our lunch breaks, so one or two people take orders and go and get food), and it is hard enough for me to pass that up (especially today when they went to In N Out *drools*). I have been trying desperately this week to get back into the swing of things, I'm on about day 4... I had been eating lean cuisines or what not and gone undetected.

BUT today *sighs*, I made whole wheat spaghetti, peas and ground chicken for today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, one of my coworkers told me about her super strict lose a buncha weight really fast diet a long time ago, that only works if you're super strict... so she says. Her diet wasn't anything special or exhilarating, it was eating 6 times a day, having a protein, good carb and veggies. Okay, um, isn't that kinda how we are supposed to eat anyways? But I never lasted on her super strict crazy diet, and she knew that and after that she left me alone. But today I was caught red handed, with my ground chicken, whole wheat pasta and peas... and she stopped me in my tracks. She said "what do you have there?", I replied "food", she said "hmmmm, it looks like REAAALLLY good diet food, is it?" I said "nooooo it's just food..." This particular coworker and I actually have a decent relationship, so it's not even that. It's just like, why do you even have to ask. It's just food. I hate food police, and I know a lot of things say you should tell people about your weight loss, because support helps or it helps keep you accountable, but I'm sorry... these women are vicious and I don't need them watching what I eat. LOL.

So anyways, I'm just ranting, the scale isn't budging, I'm trying, and people are nosey... that is all LOL ;)
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  • no profile photo CD4240415
    This sound really upsetting. I'm really happy I work in a friendly environment and that I mostly work alone, considering I work the evening shift!
    I read the other's comments, and obviously, they covered everything.. =) So.. STAY STRONG ! That's all I'll say. You Can, it's obvious, you have been doing it. Keep It Up, the scale will move in no time!

    3799 days ago
    Sometimes the scale doesn't budge no matter what we do but we keep on doing! Gotta love those food police - just mind your own d*mn business please!
    3799 days ago
    women are fascinated by food--and if you are eating something different from everyone else they will be fascinated by it. they will also feel guilty because you are eating healthy food and they aren't. just keep eating your healthy food--eventually they will get bored asking about it. they want you to go back to your old ways because then they won't feel bad about what THEY are eating. but you aren't responsible for THEIR emotional health. thats their problem.
    stay strong!
    3799 days ago
    the problem i've seen with most women is that they get in their head what "diet food" or "eating healthy" looks like and then, besides feeling the need to stick their nose into other people's business, refuse to believe that anything else can be healthy. why yes, i can eat a cheeseburger once in awhile or have a few pieces of chocolate. o, your diet doesn't let you do that? sucks for you then. :)
    3799 days ago
    oh I hear you there! I went through that for a while.. one day at work I missed my "lunch" which is breakfast for most people (my breakfast is at 3 am) so I brought in a sandwich. So here I am eating a sandwich at 9 am and I had 7 (!) people comment on how I shouldn't eat a sandwich at this time.

    You know you're doing well.. keep it up. And try to ignore them.. I know it's hard! You can do it!
    3799 days ago
    I can understand the food police situation....some of my coworkers have had the nerves to tell me how good I am not eating this or that and my awesome reply is: "Oh, this yep tastes good and filling since I choose to be healthy" that usually shuts them up *lol*. Do not let them deter you and it is not diet food it is healthy food :)
    3799 days ago
    I have the same problem as you. I am at work for10 hours a day.
    I don't leave for lunch either.
    I do bring in my own lunch and most times do good .
    BUT I work with all men and people bring them coffee and DONUTS all the time.And the temtation is there a lot of times.
    I tell them I am on a heathy food diet and now it seems the guys are turning around too.
    They do the treadmill,gym,etc.
    You can do it.
    3799 days ago
  • ROZELL99
    It is a lot tougher for a woman. The closest i got to this situation was when a coworker saw me out at a restaurant and said I was busted. I took about two minutes to describe exactly what i was having and the various calorie counts, including the glass of wine. I followed that up with my count for the day and the calories burned in my two workouts. He backed off and apologized for giving me a hard time. 99% of the time men don't engage in this behavior, but it helps to plan ahead and be armed with information. Good luck on your jouney, you CAN do it.
    3799 days ago
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