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No diet coke.........update

Monday, January 24, 2011

working on day # 17

It has been interesting on what I have learned. I have learned that I was not pysically addicted to the stuff but more "emotionally" addicted.

I do believe that I initially got the "caffine withdrawal" headache but I also was coming down with a bad headcold so it over shadowed the other. (headcold lasted about 8 days)

I realize that I really only miss my "diet coke fix" 1st thing in the morning. Just as coffee drinkers like to have that 1st cup of coffee......I loved my 1st diet coke of the day. Other than that...it really hasn`t been all that hard . I know also...that I was 'more than ready" to give it up....it was time.

I have also starting paying myself $1 for every day that I had no soda and that "kitty" has grown to $16 . My 43rd anniversary is June 4th so I will have a good amount of money to take my husband out for a nice dinner. Should have $115 by then.

I have noticed that my fingernails have grown stronger....a "huge plus" . I wasn`t even looking for this to happen but did discover it one day when I was filing my nails.

I have read an article on how bad "aspertame' is for you .If you are interested..........."google" 92 side effects of aspertame.

I have another article about how the diet soda may make you crave sweets. This one I was skeptical on...........but I can tell you with all honesty.........that my sweet tooth has diminished greatly....those cravings are gone. Kind of ironic because I was drinking diet soda instead of eating, to curb my appetite. I felt that I was "tricking" my body and mind into thinking that I was eating something. It was difficult to lose weight before but now with determination, healthy meals and exercize...I have EASILY lost 5# so far this month and expect to lose at least a 1 # or 2 more by the end of the week.

I am overjoyed with my progress and am convinced that the diet coke hindered my past efforts. I truly believe.............I have kicked the habit.......thank you GOD!! I can only give YOU the glory.
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