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Vegas Pics - Part II

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monday - Mid-Strip Walking Tour and Rio/Palms

Beetles Revolution at the Mirage. We just took funny pictures. :)

See! I told you I was on the ball in Vegas...I just didn't say what ball.

Some random guy walked by and handed me this stick of incense. "Here," he said. "This is for you." Uhm...okay. Maybe he thought I smelled. *shrug* (See pic of shrug)

Andrea and I at the VooDoo Lounge - a GREAT view of the strip!

The Rio buffet dessert choices. I had a tiny bite of each thing, but only ate the cannoli and the gelato. If it wasn't worth eating, I wasn't eating it.

Astroturf across the street from The Palms. The only grass we saw in Vegas. ;)

Tuesday - Grand Canyon Trip

Vegas sunrise outside the hotel.

FAAAAREEEZING at the Hoover Dam.

That white line marks where the water level of the Colorado River SHOULD be. Can you say drought?

So, I'm going to tell you a secret....it's REALLY difficult to get a picture of yourself at the Grand Canyon without it looking fake. Serious. I promise I was there! PROMISE!

LOOONG way down!

Ooh, this one's better because you can see crazy naked guy on the outlook behind me! *lol*

At the turnaround at mile 1.9 on the South Rim after a potty break. Had to put down my hair to protect my ear. It was COOOLD!

Hellooooo out there?!?!

Wednesday - South Side tour and the Nightlife

Lions at MGM (there were 3). For some reason, the trainers seemed totally bored being in a glass enclosure with three lions... I mean, I know they do it every day, but come on! It's not like paper pushing! You're PLAYING with LIONS!

Lunch at House of Blues...and my face looks BLOATED! UGH! That long bus ride the day before did a number on me!

Bar 1 - Rockhouse (about 9:30pm, still not hopping)

All dressed up with places to go...

THE reason we started here -- girls on tire swings!! WOOT!

Bar 2 - Carnavale outside Harrah's. With "show" bartenders of sorts and a DJ instead of a band or singer. Pretty fun, I danced a good bit...but we had to go in to pee and that's where we found...

Bar 3 - Dueling Pianos inside Harrah's Casino. FUN! It's where we spent the majority of our time and ended up leaving when the piano players were done for the night.

YAY! Fun!

And, that, my dears, is me inside Bar 4 - a tiny little side bar inside Paris Casino. There were like 3 people there other than us. It's where we met up with Frankie and his creepy older brother who tried to pimp out his brother (even though he KNEW I was married and kept saying NO!). Frankie wasn't as persistent and was actually alright, but his brother would just NOT STOP! UGH!

Thursday - Third and Fifth Wheel Day at Aria and Mandalay

Don't think for a second that dieting in Vegas is going to be easy. Not only does the chocolate fountain place in the Bellagio display beautiful cakes, and then the cupcake shop in Monte Carlo, but even Aria has a bakery with tons of delicious goodies. Other than the cupcakes, tho, and the dessert at the buffet, we were GOOD girls!

You should go see the fountain and the HUGE waterwall outside Aria, though. It's beautiful!

Friday - I'm Comin' HOME!

Leaving Las Vegas

And, for the record, the seat belts in a Boeing 757 DO fit me, and I have to tighten the strap. It's those tiny turboprops with their tiny belts that I need to lose a few more inches for. :P
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