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so where the heck are those endorphins?...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so. today i'm feeling entirely blue.
and i can't even blame it on PMS, 'cause it's not that time.
Primal Blueprint book arrived yesterday--in case someone doesn't know, this is by the guy who has marksdailyapple.com, and advocates eating and living like our primal ancestors. Somewhere within the first chapters he goes through picturesque descriptions of the ancestral family frolicking in the woods and chomping on grubs and berries and swimming in the stream, and having fun and running away from bears and whatnot. This gets contrasted with a life of an average american guy, commuting 2 hrs a day in a car, eating processed food diet and being generally miserable. Of course this is an exaggeration designed to make a point, and it made a point allright. It made me sad, that I will always be a squirrel in a wheel. I may be able to switch to a good diet, but that's where it will end...
I'll still go through the motions and whatnot (i have to be healthy to keep working and paying for mortgage, etc), but even taking care of my health feels like a full time job....and after my main full time job, there is just very little left...not to mention that my body CRAVES more sleep now that i'm exercising (and i have listened to the suggestion of cutting it down, so yesterday I only walked and didn't get my heart rate much beyone 100-110bpm...)
am i the only one like that?......
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    Yep. I have 3 kids. i should know.
    as far as cavemen are concerned--yep, i understand all that, it wasn't all fun and games and i understand that he has to exaggerate to make a point and i don't really even care for that. i am just mourning the fact that i will have very little guilt free leisure...to frolic on the grass, absorb the sunlight and whatnot...

    3745 days ago
    Working a full time job doesn't leave much time for anything else, period. Having a family makes everything ten times harder.

    And those cavemen... c'mon. They were flea and lice-ridden, scarred by improperly treated injuries, they slept badly (in their family cave-beds), they were CONSTANTLY in a state of high stress, constantly malnourished in one way or another, and constantly harboring infections. They were NOT healthier than we are now!
    3745 days ago
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